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writing as a fraction, example: 3-4 = 1/34 or just write it as 3-4

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Q: What are two ways to write negative exponents?
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What are two ways to write 64 as exponents?

82 and 43

What are ways to write the number 81 in exponents?

two ways are 9 to the power of 2 and another one is 3 to the power of 4 exponents are when you do x and use powers here is one 5x5x5x5 is 5 to the power of 4

What are two ways to write sixteen using exponents?

42 or 24 If you want to be fancy you can use exponents less than one 2561/2 or 40961/3

What do you with two negative exponents when multiplying?

I presume you mean you are multiplying two powers of the same base, where both exponents are negative. Regardless of the signs of the exponents, you algebraically add the exponents. For example, 2-3 times 2-4 is 2-7; 35 times 3-8 is 3-3.

How do you write 1 64 using negative exponents?

Such that 64 is equal to 26, or two to the power six, 1/64 is equal to 2-6, or two to the power minus six.

What are two ways to write the number 81 using exponents 2 and 4?

9^2 is 81 and 3^4 is 81

Give two ways to write the algebraic expression of 10s?

x is non negative and x is not greater than 0

How do you write exponents in WORD?

Example: two to the fifth power

When is the exponent negative?

When you subtract it from a bigger exponent of another number by dividing two numbers with exponents.

What do you do with the exponents when you multiply two of the same variables?

To simplify, you write one copy of the base, then add the exponent. Example:x^5 times x^3 = x^8 In the case of positive integer exponents, this can easily be derived by writing each power as a repeated multiplication. However, this law is also valid for negative or fractional exponents.

What are two ways to write a mulitplication sentence that will equal to 45?

1). The product of 5 and the square of 3 is . . . 2). When negative 3 million is multiplied by negative 0.000015, the result is . . .

What is the Excel formula to show exponents?

There are two ways to express exponents in Excel.=6^3=POWER(6,3)

How do you write the quotient of negative fifty two is equal to negative two?

-52/26 = -2

Show two wrong ways to write the symbol of calcium?

show two wrong ways to write the symbol of calcium

If two exponents have the same factor or base what happens to the exponents when the exponents are multipled?

The exponents are added.

How do write run in two different ways?

run write

What is an expression where the highest exponent is two?

There is no specific name unless the exponents can only be non-negative integers. In the latter case, it is a quadratic expression.

What is the product of 117 in two different ways?

write the product of 117 two different ways

What are two ways to name one year?

write two ways to name one year

What are two ways to write be?

be and been

What are two ways to write the number 16 using exponents?

4^2 = 4x4 = 16 2^3 = 2x2x2 = 16 in other words the answer is two to the power of three or four to the power of two... 4^2 2^3

What ways can you write 200?

two hundred

What shows the media itself in two ways to focus on the negative?


What are the exponents for 29?

Two of the exponents for 29 are 29^1 and 2.9x10^1.

Is negative 2 the same as 0.5?

negative 0.5 to the power of negative 2 is 4 Answer: (-0.5)-2 = 4 as a decimal. Exponents Calculator Please enter the base (b) and a exponent (n) to calculate bn: to the power of = ? Calculate Answer: (-0.5)-2 = 4 as a decimal.