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Would recommend a professional appraisal. Est 500-1000 USD or so

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Q: What are your consecutive s colt army 38 special in the orig box model 1871 worth?
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Who made the marlin 12 ga model 200 and What is the worth?

This was manufactured by H&R 1871, which Marlin owns. (Same as N.E.F.)

What is a 1871 44cf hand gun worth?

Value of a gun is based on make, model and condition. You gave use year and caliber.

What is the worth of a colt bisley model 32 dated sept 17 1871 it was ingraved and gold plated in 1952 by a gun smith in South Carolina?

Requires professional appraisal

How much is a left handed colt sheriff model 45 revolver made in sept 18 1871 worth?

You will have to get it lettered by Colt to see if it is original. If not, 100-500 USD

How much is family bible from 1871 worth?

The word of God.

When was Henry Worth Thornton born?

Henry Worth Thornton was born on 1871-11-06.

When was Robert Worth Bingham born?

Robert Worth Bingham was born on 1871-11-08.

What year did harrington and richardson produce model 343 gamester?


How much is an 1871 H Canadian silver quarter worth?


Picture of 1871 silver dollar?

Type in "1871 Liberty Seated dollar coins" in your search box an click images. This will show you the coins.

How much is a Willis piano from 1871 worth?

j ai un piano a vendre de marque willis 1871 un sgqltd fauded

How much does a 1871 national rifle association of America worth?

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What is your Antique M Hohner Echo Harmonica 1871 - 1881 worth?


What is the value of a 20 gauge New England Firearms Model 1871?

ROUGHLY $85-$115.

What is a 1871 single action sn573XX worth?

You need the services of a professional appraiser like Kopec

What is the worth of a 1871 colt 45 pistol?

50-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

What is the value of a 1871 Marine Band Hohner Harmonica?

I have a herminica it's 1871 to 1881 and the it got a star in the middle. I look it up and it said it back From WWII. What do you think it's worth

What is the value of a colt DA 41 patend sept 19 1871?

depends on model and overall condition

How much is this Gun worth you need an estimate of sw revolver 48010 made in 1871?

50 USD

How much is 1871 44-40 revolver worth?

This will need a hands-on appraisal by someone knowledgeable in antique firearms- and it will depend on exact make, model, and condition- none of which you gave us. By the way, the 44-40 cartridge was not developed until 1873.

What is a beasley colt sept 19 1871 serial32004 worth?

value depends on condition. for value ask:

Mauser modelo argentino 1891?

Could be worth up to $500 for an immaculate, all matching rifle. It replace the Mauser Model 1871, used a 7.65x53 round nosed cartridge, variants of the rifle were also adopted by Turkey and throughout most of South America.

What is the value of a German 1871 20 mark gold piece?

The value of a German 1871 20 Mark gold piece may vary daily. Roughly, coins of this time period are worth between four and 30 dollars.

What is a 1871 republique francaise 2 francs coin worth?

two different coins were made in 1871 : 1871A : 4.757.257 coins struck, value : about 60 dollars, 1871K : 1.215.072 coins struck, value : about 100 dollars.

1871 liberty head 2.50 how much is it worth?

Average retail values for circulated coins are $200.00-$960.00 depending on grade.