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What area of maths is hypatia of Alexandria famous for?

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I think she was able to do any math category.

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Q: What area of maths is hypatia of Alexandria famous for?
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What is the area of Alexandria?

The area of Alexandria is 2,679 square kilometers.

What is the country code and area code of Alexandria Egypt?

The country code and area code of Alexandria, Egypt is 20, (0)3.

Where in America is area code 571?

Area 571 is the Alexandria, Virginia area.

How do you find out how big and area is?


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The Alto Nido and Parva Sed apartments are famous for housing celebrities who died unnatural deaths. The Alexandria Hotel is famous, mostly for its exuberant past. The Gaylord apartments are also famous due to their elegance and history. These are just a few examples of the many famous apartments in the Hollywood area.

What is mensuration -maths?

mensuration is taking the measurement of something's area,volume, etc.

Where did the maths word area come from?


Is the area times or add in maths?


How do you do surface area in maths?

You times the Length by the Wight

Where can you buy canned Orlando grape leaves in the Alexandria Virginia area?

What store in Alexandria Virginia sells Orlando Grape Leaves ?

How do you find area in maths?

It depends on what it is ,for example ,the square"s area =side*side

What does elevation mean in maths?

area under y axis

How would you find the surface area of a prism?

get a maths book!!

Is area in maths times?

Yes it is. It is Length x Width.

Where can you getHome visit massage in Egypt Alexandria area?

Will never happen

How can maths be used in badminton?

Keeping score. Measuring out the playing area.

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anthing lenth with area perimater

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order from

How do you make a model for maths?

be more precise. what in maths. area or length or like pi or something. make it with clay its the easiest or make a diagram with paper.

What country is Alexandria in?

Alexandria is in Egypt and is the second largest city with over 3.5 million people living there. It is located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is the countryâ??s largest seaport as well as an important industrial area.

I am confused over pure and applied maths If I want to go on to study statistics which area would it be best to go into pure or applied maths?

Statistics (and Probability) would generally come under pure maths.

Why is the farming area of Rangiriri famous?

why is the farming area of rangiriri famous

What is the relation between civics and maths?

Population of a country is a of civics and needs maths to understand it. The ratio of female and male population needs ratio and proportion of maths. Price rise, ratio of unemployed people and employment opportunities, area of a country and population, etc. needs maths to understand.

What is the average area of a doormat?

this is a question that came out in my maths question. the answer is about 2000 cm square.