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Q: What army value require you to do the right thing?
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Was the roman army a good thing or a bad thing?

rome need an army

What experience is necessary for the army?

The army does not require experience. You will receive training on the job.

Is the u.s army a place person or thing?

The U.S. Army is a thing. U.S. Army is a proper noun and should be capitalized.

What jobs require safety boots?

mos in army that require steel toe boots

What is the best Necron army?

There's no such thing as the best army.

Why did the Red army Switch to the Soviet Army?

They didn't. They are the same thing.

What Army Value is the glue that holds all the Army Values together?


What are some Jobs that require you to travel?

There are many different types of jobs the require a person to travel. One of the more popular is the Army or the Marines. You can go directly to the Army website for the information needed.

Is there an army called Islamic army in Iran?

There is no such thing as an Islamic Army. An army is usually attributed to a nation state, not to a group of individuals.

What things did girls do in the army?

In the modern army, they do almost every thing that men do.

What is on the Army regulation 2550?

I don't thing that the Hungarian army has a regulation 2550.

Why does being in the army require courage?

Because then they would not fight as good.