What building have 5 sides?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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The Pentagon in Washington DC. Technically, it has 7 sides, the roof and floor is a side also.

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Q: What building have 5 sides?
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What shape has all 5 sides equal?

A pentagon has 5 sides. Look at a photo of the pentagon building in Washington D.C. and you will see that all 5 sides are equal.

15 sides on a building called?

The "sides of the building".

What is the name of a 5 sided building?

The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia has five sides.

How do you calculate the number of blocks in a building?

Simply create an aray for exaple a building is 5 by 8 then you multiply 5 by 8 which is 40 and then multiply 40 by the number of sides the building has and theres the bricks

Why is the Pentagon in the US called the Pentagon?

If viewed from the air, the shape of the building is a pentagon (it has 5 sides)

A pentagon and a regular pentagon have how many sides?

it has 5 sides A pentagon has five sides. "Regular" means that they are all the same length. A pentagon has 5 sides. 5 There are 5 sides in a regular pentagon a plane figure with five sides and angles There are 5 sides 5 5 sides

What Polygon Has 5 Sides?

5 Sides

How many sides are in a pentag on?

A pentagon has five sides (think of the Pentagon building in Washington).

What is a building starting with a k?

Kookie, it is a type of building that is curved on the sides and pointed on the top.

How many sides do 5 decagons and 5 hexagons have in all?

A decagon has 10 sides, and a hexagon has 6 sides. To figure out the total number of sides for 5 decagons and 5 hexagons:Number of Sides = 5(10) + 5(6)Number of Sides = 50 + 30Number of Sides = 80

Why is the pentagon called the pentagon?

I think it's because Penta means five and a pentagon is 5 sided and the pentagon building when looked from above has 5 sides try wikipedia images

Which shape has 5 sides?

A pentagon has 5 sides