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scientific calculators

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Q: What calculators should be used in Anna university board exams?
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Can the calculators are allowed in Lahore board exams of eighth class?

No! Calculators Are Not Allowed In 8th Class Examination Hall.

What is a collective noun for exams?

Board of Exams

What are the entrance exams for BSc?

Such exams differ from country to country and university to university. You should have mentioned the name of the university to which you want to get admission.

Why are calculators used in exams?

well it is used for calculating numbers and would be useful but usually calculators are not used during exams as it is a basic rule for not using them !

If calculators should be permit in exams?

no, not unless the numbers are very large/complex or they have a lot of decimal places.

Which architecture college can i get in delhi with a nata score of 107 and 90 in board exams?

Architecture colleges in Delhi that you can enroll in with a NATA score of 107 and 90 in board exams include Sharda University and Noida International University.

Does aieee count foe entering Anna university?

No.. Only cutoff in board exams counts..

You are from Egypt and living in Egypt and you have the master degree in internal medicine from cairo university so are you board certified or not also what should you do if you are not?

Erm, you need to complete US residency and sit the board exams for your speciality.

How you can download Tybsc biotechnology April 2009 board exam papers of mumbai university?

tybsc biotechnology question papers of board exams

You secured 56 percent in your 12th board exams do you have a chance of getting admission in delhi university?


How one should learn SST effectively for board exams?

just do ruttafication

Should tenth class board exams be abolished?

Your question is unclear. tenth as in sophomores?

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