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A sport of any kind i suppose.

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Q: What can a ten year old play for a game?
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What game can a ten year old play?

I highly recommend Disney's ToonTown online or ClubPenguin Also animalJam is fun too. Take it from a ten year old, like me!

Can a ten year old play halo?

A ten year old is probably more than capable of actually playing the game, however the game has a PEGI rating of 16+, meaning that due to content such as profanity, violence and the like, it isn't suitable for one so young.In short: Can a ten year old play Halo? Sure. Should they play Halo? Probably not.

Should a ten year old be able to play any teen game?

If the parents ar OK with it

What can a ten year old play on the online?


Can a ten year old play imvu The child is responsible and trustworthy?

Anyone can play any games they want. If 10 year old can play if they will but make sure they know about online safety especially in a game where you socialize.

What games can a 10 year old play?

Ten year olds can play moviestarplanet and girlsgogames

Is halo a game for ten year olds?

im a nine year old and my dad lets me play Halo so if your mom or dad doesn't let you play it..................... SUCKER. awesome dad/mom + them letting you play halo = happy 9 year old.

Can a mature ten year old play the sims 3?

Yes!! I am 12 and play it!!

Can a 10 year old play mw3?

The age is 18 BUT if you let the kid play then thats fine. If your the ten year old ask your parents. I did and i play it.

What can ten year old girls do together?

play school dance

Can a ten year old play fall out new Vegas?


What can a ten year old do at the beach?

you can play in the sand or swim in the sea

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