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A square can.

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A square

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A rectangle that is also a rhombus is called a?


What quadrilateral can also be called a rectangle?


How many edge and vertices rectangle have?

A rectangle has 4 edges (also called vertices).

What can a rectangle can be also called?

A quadrilateral

What can also be called a parallelograms?

A rhombus, rectangle or square.

What is rectangle called which is equilateral?

The rectangle which is equilateral is called as square.

Could a rectangle be called a square?

no, but a square can be called a rectangle.

What is a four sided rectangle called?

It is called a rectangle!

What is a tilted rectangle called?

a rectangle

A rectangle with all sides the same length?

they dont have to be they can be different A rectangle with all sides the same length can also be called a square.

Can a rectangle be also a rhombus?

Yes. There is a shape that has all the properties of a rectangle and all the properties of a rhombus at the same time. It is called a square.

What is a Squashed rectangle with no right angles called?

What is a squashed rectangle called

You are a special rectangle all your side are the same length what are you?

I am squarea squarea rectangle with all sides the same lengthAlso called a square

Are all rectangles sqaures?

A rectangle can be called a square but a square can not be called a rectangle

What is it called when a square is a rectangle but a rectangle cant be a square?

it means that a square is not a rectangle

What shape has diagonals bisect each other what is the shape called?

A rhombus satisfies this. Also a rectangle. And a square (which is both a rhombus and a rectangle). There may be others.

What figure where diagonals bisect each other?

'Right parallelogram', also called 'rectangle'.

What is half a square called?

Half a square is called a rectangle or a triangle.

If angle 1 is a right angle then 2 3 and 4 are also right angles what is this called?

A figure with four right angles is called a rectangle. A specific type of rectangle in which all the sides are of equal length is called a square.

Why does a rectangle have perpendicular lines?

They are what makes it a rectangle. The rectangle is a special kind of parallelogram. The perpendicular lines cause it to be called a rectangle.

Can a rhombus sometimes be called a rectangle?

A rhombus can be a rectangle if it is a square.

What is the total distance around the rectangle called?

the total distance around the rectangle called is perimeter

What are the shapes on a volleyball called?

in volleyball there are parallel lines that are included also the net is a shape of a rectangle

Why can a rectangle also be called a parallelogram?

A parallelegram is a kind of shape in which the sets of lines are parallel to each other, such as in the case of a rectangle. Squares and rhombi are also examples of parallelograms. Triangles and circles are examples of shapes that are not parallelograms.

What is a irregular rectangle called?

What I mean is, a rectangle where none of the sides are the same. Like a Scalene triangle, but with a rectangle.