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It is called a rectangle!

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Q: What is a four sided rectangle called?
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What kind of a polygon is a rectangle?

A rectangle is a four sided quadrilateral

What is a four-sided polygon with four right angles?

A four-sided polygon with four right angles is a rectangle. If the four sides are congruent, it is a special case of a rectangle called a square.

What is a four sided plygon?

A four sided polygon can be a square, a parallelogram, a rectangle, a rhombus or a kite.

What is a four sided shape like is it a pentagon?

No, a pentagon has 5 sides. A four sided shape is called a quadrilateral. An example of a four sided shape is a square or a rectangle. However, there are also other four sided shaped like trapeziums and kites...

What is a polygon like the square and rectangle called?

The general name for a four-sided figure is "quadrilateral".

What are some four sides objects?

Generally a four sided object is called quadrilateral. Some examples of four sided objects are square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium, etc.

What is a parallelogram with four right angles called?

A parallelogram is a four sided polygon with opposing parallel sides of equal length. Then if it has four right angles, the polygon becomes a rectangle.

A four sided figure?

square,rectangle, or rhombus

What polygon is four sided with different lengths?


Which are some eg of a four sided shape?


A four sided polygon with four right angles?

A square or a rectangle

Is a four sided figure a parallelogram?

Four-sided figures are called quadrilaterals. They can be parallelograms, but do not have to be. They can be: square rhombus parallelogram quadrangle rhomboid rectangle oblong kite trapezium trapezoid

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