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Measuring tools: Ruler or Protractor .

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Q: What can i not use when constructing a figure?
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What is the difference between drawing a geometric figure and constructing a geometric figure?

Drawing is creating a figure without tools (i.e. a ruler, a compass, etc.) Constructing is creating a figure with tools.

When constructing inscribed polygons how can you be sure the figure inscribed is a regular polygon?

when constructing parallel lines with a compass and straightedge, how should you start the construction

When constructing inscribed polygons how can you be sure the figure insrxibes is a regular polygon?

Each side will be equal in length

What is the difference between sketching drawing and constructing a geometric figure?

when you sketch you proportion a picture of something and a sketch is always black and white. When you draw you create a picture of something without proportioning it and you usually color it . When you construct a geometric figure you use straight lines to form a closed figure :)

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The symbol is "..."

The need of robots in constructing a building?

Technology is fine and using robots in constructing a building is not a bad idea. But it will be too complex then. Since constructing a building is a kind of work that needs more attention. Contractors use and abide the safety measures in constructing a building to avoid future damage.

What type of building block would you use to constructing a protein?

Amino acids

What type of building block would you use when constructing a protein?

amino acids

Is this statement true or false Erasing the arcs you created when constructing a geometric figure is optional?

That would depend on your teacher's instruction when giving the assignment.

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what are steps in constructing the cpi

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