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Im gonna give you the less obvious answers since its pretty easy to make small projects like boxes and such with 10bf. You can build chairs, stools, small end tables, etc. All you need for these are legs, tops, and in the case of some end tables a drawer.

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Q: What can you build from 10 board feet?
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If I have a 1 by 12 board that is 10 feet long how many board feet does it contain?

If you have a board that is 1 by 12 inches that is 10 foot long you will have 10 inches of board feet. This a math problem.

How many board feet to build a 3000 square foot house What would the average total cost of the lumber be?

30,000 board feet. Today $350 per thousand board feet, it will cost $10,500.

What can you build from 1000 board feet?

Lots of benches or picnic tables

How tall in feet is a 10 meter diving board?

10 meters is 32 feet 9¾ inches.

What can you make with 10 board feet?

a dog house

How many board feet in 1 cubic meter?


How many 10 foot boards do you need to get 800 linear feet?

800 feet / 10 foot per board = 80 boards

What is the height of the back board bottom line to ground?

the goal is 10 feet high

How many board feet are there in 100 cubic feet?

1,200 board feet.

How is cubic feet converted to board feet?

cubic feet x 12 = board feet

Jack has a board 15 feet long and Jim has a board 11 feet long Altogether they need 35 feet of board How many more feet of board do they need?


If you have big feet and you skate which type of size skateboard you need would it be a small board or big board?

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