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You can divide 16 by 4 to get you 4

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Q: What can you divide to give you 4?
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Divide 80 by 4 and give your answer as a fraction of 50 What is the answer?


What is the average of 334 134 289 and 879?

the answer is 409. you add all number together then divide them by 4. it would give you 1636. 334+134+289+879=1636 and divide by 4 will give you 409

How do you divide 5 to equal 4?

You can't actually divide 5 and make it equal 4, however, if you are wondering how to divide 5 items between 4 people, (for example apples) give each of the four people one apple and then cut (divide) the 5th apple into quarters or fourths (1/4) and give each person an additional 1/4 piece. Each person will have an equal portion of 1 1/4 each.

What numbers divided by 7 give a remainder of 4?

To get these, do any number in the 7 times table + 4More mathematically, do 7x+4 where x is an integer, to get numbers that divide by 7 and give remainder 4.Example: x=1, so 7x+4=11. 11 is a number that will divide by 7 to give a remainder of 4.Another example: x=76, so 7x+4=536. 536 is a number that will divide by 7 to give remainder if you want to get all of them start at x=1 and work your way upwards.

What number should you divide by 4 then multiply by 12 that will give a quotient of 6?


What is the reverse of multiply by 4?

Divide by 4.

What number give you 64 by divide?

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.

What are the nine factors of 496 besides 496?

divide by 2 then divide every answer by 2 That will give you 496, 248, 124, 62 and 31. The other 4 are 2, 4, 8 and 16.

How do you divide square into 4parts?

Simple, if you want 4 uneven parts, just put 3 lines into it easily making 4 parts. If you want 4 even parts, calculate the area (Length * Width) then divide the product by 4. That will give you the size of each part. After that you just divide the square into 4 parts of that area.

What can you divide 42 by to give you 21?

Divide 42 by 2 to give you 21.

How do you divide by 4?

5.55 divide by 4

What is 4 divide by a?

5.55 divide by 4