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A series 63 license is a license to sell securities. In order to obtain a series 63, you must pass an exam. Those who hold a series 63 license can sell securities in the state where they passed the test.

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Q: What can you do or sell with a series 63?
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What can you sell or do with a series 63 and 22 license?

Series 63 allows you to sell funds The answer is incorrect above. I obtained a Series 63 License in the state of Tennessee. The Series 63 License is NOT a license to sell FUNDS! It is a license to sell SECURITIES by means of Solicitation!

What are series 6 and 63 licenses for?

Series 6 license is require for professionals who sell mutual funds, variable annuities, retirement plans and insurance products as well. While for series 63 license, it is required for those wish to sell only investment company products like mutual funds and money-market funds.

What can you sell with Series 63?

If you wish to start your career in trading and stockbroking then this is the first step for you to be a licensed professional. Series 63 licensees are the individuals who sell investment company products such as mutual funds and market funds. They are called Agents or Brokers. Before you can sell those investment products, you should take an exam for licensing. Series 63 licensing exam is composed of 65 multiple choice questions in most online providers. You can check the related link for more info. Good luck for your licensing exam and have a great career!

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How do you get a series 7 exam?

You have to first start working with a brokerage firm. They have to sponsor you for the exam and then and only then can you get your license. Along with your series 7 exam you probably will have to take the state licensing exam called the 63 which lets you sell the securities in the states by covering the general laws. Each state does have different laws but the majority of the laws are the same and that's why you have to take the series 63 exam.

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