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you multiply 27 times a number then you multiply 18 times a different number and see if they come out with the same answer.

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Q: What can you multiply to get the same answer when you multiply 18 times blank and then 27 times blank?
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what is blank times 7 =18?


what is 6 times blank equals 18?

The answer is three. 6 x 3 = 18

What is 3 eighths of 48?

The same as 3/8 times 48. Multiply 48 by 3, then divide the result by 8.

What can you multiply 18 and 24 to get the same denominator?

Multiply 4 to 18, and 3 to 24. You get a denominator of 72

What numbers multiply to get -18?

How about: 3 times -6 = -18 as one example

How many sixths in three wholes?

6 x 3 =18. 6 6ths per one whole , multiply times three.

What The sum of two numbers is 15. Twice one number equals three times the other.Find the numbers.?

6 and 9. If you take 6 and multiply it times 3, it is 18. If you take 9 and multiply it times 2, it equals 18.

The GCF for the numbers 18 and 36?

so, 8x9 is blank space times 4x9

What is blank plus 9 times 3 equals 45?

18+(9*3) = 45

How many times does 12 go into 131?

10 times, remainder 11

The multpules of 18 from 1 to 100?

Multiples are easy. Multiply 18 times 1 then 2 then 3....18, 36, 54, 72, 90,...

How many times does a sparrow flap its wings in a minute?

It beats it's wings 18 times a second so multiply that by 60 and you get your answer.

How do you convert feet into square feet?

Multiply the length times the width and the answer is in square feet. Multiply length times width. Somethings three feet wide and six feet long. 3X6=18 18 square feet.

When rolling a cube what is the probability of rolling a 1 and a 6 at the same time?

Well it depends on how many times you roll the cubes. since there's six sides, you multiply them by a number of time you're rolling. For example: 6x3=18. 2out of 18 or 1/9.

What is a equivalent fraction to 12 18?

2/3 is 12/18 in its smallest form. Divide or multiply the top and bottom by the same amount

How do find the angle measure for a 20 gon?

first you have to find the sum of angles and sides. then subtract 2 which is 18 and multiply 18 times 180.

What number goes into the blank 9 61 52 63 94 - 18?

What number goes into the blank? 9, 61,52,63,94,__,18

When was Blankety Blank created?

Blankety Blank was created on 1979-01-18.

When was Coonie Blank born?

Coonie Blank was born on 1892-10-18.

When was Fred Blank born?

Fred Blank was born on 1874-06-18.

What is the square root of 18 Times Square root of 2?

to do this multiply 18 x 2 and take sq rt - sq rt (36) = 6

What is 12 times 18 in square yards?

Multiply width by length to get the area. The answer would be 216 square yards.

Least common multiple of 9 18?

The LCM (Least Common Multiple) of 9 and 18 id 18 because 9 you can multiply it by 2 and you get 18 and you leave the other 18 the same. So 18 is the least common multiple.18.

What number goes into the blank 12 11 18 14 24 17?

What blank?

6 years is how many times as long as 4 months?

Multiply 6 x 12 and you get 72. Then divide by 4 which equals 18. So 18 months