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a solid keeps it shape unless it is broken

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Q: What can you say about a shape of a solid?
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What kind of shape is a solid?

shapes can`t be solids. You can say that a shape is a triangle but u can`t say that a triangle is a solid. shapes are 2D unless your talking about the face of a 3D object

What are the differences between a polygon and a solid shape?

A polygon is 2 dimensional. In the English language, when we say the word solid, we're thinking something 3 dimensional.a polygon is something that isn't like whole but a solid shape is a shape that is finished

Definite shape and volume-?

Definite shape and volume is a state that defines solid.

Is shape a solid liquid or gas?

A shape is intangible, it's just an outline or configuration of something else. So it is neither a solid, liquid, or gas... it isn't matter.However, I do think you mean to say, "Which forms a definite shape: a solid, liquid, or gas?". In this case, only a solid has a definite shape. Liquids and gases take on the shape of its container, which can vary. Solids are the only state of matter that have their own shape, not dependent on a container.

What shape is not a solid shape?

A 2 dimensional shape such as a circle is NOT a solid shape, while a sphere is.

What is the defenite shape of a solid?

what ever shape the solid is x_x

What solid shape is a Book?

The solid shape for a book is a cube

How do you know the shape and volume of a solid?

well it depends what shape is the solid. it could be a sqare solid or circle solid

What are Pieces of solid substance with a regular shape?

it is the property of solid- a solid has definite shape & volume.

Is a square a plane shape or a solid shape?

it is a plane shape because you said its a square

What the volume and shape of solid?

It has a fixed shape and volume

What is the difference between a two dimensional shape and a solid shape?

the difference between a two dimensional shape and and a solid is that a two dimensional shape is plane and a solid you can see the whole shape a the inside.