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Positive + positive = positive

Negative + negative = negative

Positive + negative will take the sign of the number with the greater absolute value.

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Q: What can you say about the sign of the sum of integers with unlike signs?
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What can you say about the sign of the sum of two integers with unlike sign?

Depends on how large each integer is. +1-2 or +2-1. Different signs depending on the size of the integers.

What can you say about the of two integers with the same signs?

-- Their sum and difference both have the same sign that the two integers have. -- Their product and quotient are both positive.

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What can you say about the product of an integer and a positive integer?

-- The product is an integer. -- If the original two integers are both positive, then the product is positive. -- If the original two integers have different signs, then the product is negative.

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What is the integer rule for combining integers with different signs?

The answer depends on which binary operation you mean when you say "combining". Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, etc.

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