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Q: What causes fast heartbeats for no reason?
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Can atavan cause fast heartbeats?

Ativan can cause a fast heartbeat especially when you first start taking it.

What does it mean if a child's heart beats faster than normal?

Fast heartbeats can be cause by many things. If they have not been running around or exercising recently, you should have a doctor evaluate the reason for the rapid heartbeat. It's not healthy to have a high pulse rate for no reason.

What ar antiarrhythmic drugs?

Antiarrhythmic drugs are medicines that correct irregular heartbeats and slow down hearts that beat too fast.

An electrophysiology study of the heart may be used to assess what conditions?

certain tachycardias (fast heartbeats) or bradycardias (slow heartbeats) of unknown cause; patients who have been resuscitated after experiencing sudden cardiac arrest; various symptoms of unknown cause

Are twin heartbeats different?

No two heartbeats are the same.

What do you use to listen to heartbeats?

To listen to heartbeats stethoscope.

Why do small animals have high heartbeats?

Humming birds hearts beat so fast it's amazing!

When was Heartbeats Accelerating created?

Heartbeats Accelerating was created in 1989.

How fast beat an elephant heart?

An elephant's heart averages 30 heartbeats per minute, or 1 beat every 2 seconds.

What is the duration of The Five Heartbeats?

The duration of The Five Heartbeats is 2.03 hours.

When was The Five Heartbeats created?

The Five Heartbeats was created on 1991-03-29.

How many heartbeats would you have if you reach 75 years old?

25 heartbeats