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You have to look at your majors. class criteria required for graduation

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2010-03-31 03:19:29
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Q: What college class do you have to be in to become an architectual engineer?
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What are the requirements to become an aerospace engineer?

The minimum requirement needed to become an Aerospace Engineer is a high class engineering degree. After this there will be technical and specialised training to be undertaken.

What kind of degree is required to become a locomotive engineer?

No college degree is required.. How ever a high school diploma is. to be an engineer you much first become a brakeman work your way up to conductor and eventually be promoted as an engineer.Than extensive on the job training along with class room education.

What subject we have take aftet class 10 for software engineer?

To become a software engineer you need to take Mathematics, Computer Studies and Electronics.

What classes do you have to attend to become an artist?

You have take an art class to become an artist for college

What classes would you have to take to college to become a baking chef?

First class, low class, middle class, etc.

How would you prepare to become an engineer?

Doing well in school and making sure that the class you want to major in you do well in. Chemical engineering for example, do well in Chemistry and Engineering both, then go on to those two combined in college.

What is the best college to help you to become a pilot?

Not a school that doesn't have a flight class.

What subject we have to take after class 10 for software engineer?

You can take a programming class or Analogue or Digital electronics as a software engineer.

Does one have to take a class to become a notary?

No, a notary doesn't need any class or training. However, it is recommended that you have a college degree.

What class do you take in college to become and ER doctor?

In order to become an ER doctor, you will want to focus on science and math classes in college. This includes biology, chemistry, and physics.

What classes should you take in college to become an actor?

The class you need the most is DRAMA club

What field do you need to study in high school or college to become an obstetrician?

Any science class will be important.

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