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Q: What color code for of 60 percent to 79 percent fit for duty on a situation report?
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What color code would you use on line 6 of a situation report?

Green- 80% or more (full strength) Amber- 70-84% Red- 50-69% Black- 50% or less

What is the color code that indicates 20 percent tolerance?

Resistors made to a 20% tolerance do not have a color in the 4th tolerance band.

Lidocaine 2 percent with epinephrine color red?

The color code in a dental office for Lidocaine with 2% epinephrine 1:100,000 is red

What is the color code of a 10 percent tolerance resistor whose conductance is 0.008335?

brown, red, brown, silver = 120 ohms

What is the color code for 0.5 ohm resistor?

green, black .silver, the 4th will be depending on the tolerance youd like, generally 5 percent is norm.

What is the International color code for DC wiring?

"What is the International color code for DC wiring?" "What is the International color code for DC wiring?" "What is the International color code for DC wiring?" "What is the International color code for DC wiring?"

What is Toyota color code LA01?

Toyota color code LA01 is the interior color code for ivory.

What does pxr paint code mean?

PXR is the color code for the paint color of the vehicle. If you take that color code to a auto paint supplier they can match the color exactly. I believe that is a Jeep color code for Brilliant Black Pearl Coat.

Special report?

When an unlisted procedure or service code is reported a special report is created.

Is there a conversion chart from Ral color code to Munsell color code?

ral 7035

What is the color code for a red Yamaha Virago 535 1987?

The color code the primary color red is 4794-96944222.

Wiring color code for 1990 BMW 735i?

Can I get the color code please

How do you get the insurance company from a police accident report?

it should be on the report somewhere around the drivers information.....if it is in code, then you should've received a copy of the key to the code if not contact the police dept .... or the officer directly.....who wrote the report

Why the color coded value of a resistor is differ from the value read from the tester?

infact by color code we get the min and max range in between our original resistance of a resistor lies...the minimum and maximum value is determined by the last band of color code called the tolerance band...i.e no color =+-20 percent,silver +- 10percent gold =+- 5percent ,now because of febrication techniques resistor of same color code,by same manufactor,by same machine may or may not have exactly same values there is always some error in fabrication..THz y tolerance band is added n color code...with the help of tester we can calculate the exact value of a given resistor....thtz the reason ;p

What is the color code for 1995 Chevy S-10 headlights?

Color code for a headlight?

What is the international color code for gaseous materials?

The internal color code for gas is Yellow.

What is the color code for techno orange metallic Kia Sportage?

Color Code is "D2A"

What is the Chicago Police code for a hostage situation?


What is the action replay code that lets you cantrol the color of the Pokemon when you put in the shiny Pokemon code on Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a code to control their color, each Pokemon only get's two colors, their normal color, and the shiny color. I know the shiny code.

What is the cpt code for Electrocardiogram with 12 leads including the interpretation and report?

CPT Code 93000 -Electrocardiogram, routine ECG with at least 12 leads; with interpretation and report.

The pain code for a 2008 HD street bob color is denim black?

What is the color code for denim black

What is the cpt code for report preparation?

98012 is the base code, but there are nine possible modifiers.

vin code color ?

what color the ca was

What is another name for map key?

Map legend.

What is the cheat code for 100 percent pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

i do not now the code for a 100 percent full pokedex for platinum but i do now action replay has the code for diamond and pearl.