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Yellow (and black letters or symbols) for "ordinary hazards";

Orange for hazards created by temporary construction; or

Pink for hazards caused by emergencies in the roadway ahead.

Under the U.S. Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

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Q: What colors are on a diamond shaped warning sign?
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What does a Diamond shaped traffic sign mean?

If you mean a diamond on the lane, that means that that lane is for BICYCLISTS ONLY, if you mean as a shape of a sign such as a "slippery when wet" sign, that usually tells you important things. I looked it up in my "Virginia Driver's Manual" and it says a diamond shaped sign is a warning sign.

What does a warning sign look like?

Usually are yellow and diamond-shaped, with black lettering or symbols.

The maximum safe speed on a curve is given on an?

Usually it is posted on a yellow diamond shaped warning sign.

A diamond shaped sign is?

Diamond-shaped traffic signs alert drivers to potential risks and poor road conditions. A diamond-shaped traffic sign is one that reads, "Divided Highway Ends." Five-sided traffic signs alert drivers to the possibility of youngsters crossing the road when they approach an area near a school.

What does a yellow diamond shaped sign mean?

It is found in VERY few areas and it means a change in the road from a 4 lane to a 2 lane road.

What is the purpose of the rectangular-shaped traffic sign?

Warning sign of possible danger ahead

What is the only road sign shaped like a pentagon?

Children Crossing/ a school warning sign

If you see a diamond shaped roadside what type a sign would be?

A sign that you will never get laid.

Is a speed limit sign a warning sign?

The correct answer is NO. A stop sign is considered a Regulatory Sign. Regulatory signs are typically the colors black, white, and/or red. Regulatory signs regulate traffic and tell a driver about a law. Examples include speed limits, yield signs, one way streets, do not enter signs, no turning, no parking, and (yes) stop signs. A warning sign, on the other hand, is typically diamond-shaped and the color yellow, orange or pink. They warn you of possible changes in the use or condition of the roadway ahead. A stop sign is not warning you to stop. It is TELLING you to stop because that is the law.

What does a diamond sign mean?

warning sign...warning you of road hazards or upcoming objects. There is diamond type symbol found on the seals found from pre-historic Harappan Civilization in South Asia. the decrypted text shows it as a sign of currency.

Warning signs are usually what shaped?

Warning signs are usually a diamond shape. The color of the sign is yellow in order to caution drivers about an intersection ahead, bicyclists or wildlife that may be near the road.

What is the purpose of a diamond-shaped traffic sign?

to warn of a possible danger ahead.