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Baler's Dozen

Jesus and the apostles

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What Things come in groups of thirteen?

the thirteen colonies. thirteen leaves on the olive branch the lUcky number 13


thirteen (13) comes after twelve.

How many original colonies was often divided into groups?

thirteen colonies!

How can you tell if a number is divisible by 13?

Divide the number by thirteen. If the answer comes out even with no remainder, the number is divisible by thirteen.

What major religious groups settled in the original thirteen colonies?

The major religious groups were Protestant Christians, Catholics, and Quakers.

How many people make up a coven?

Usually, thirteen. In the time of witch burnings, people who traveled in groups of thirteen or were associated with the number thirteen were assumed to be witches for this reason, and killed. This is why thirteen is thought to be an unlucky number even today.

What three groups were the thirteen colonies broken into?

New England,Southern,and Middle colonies.

Who were the two ethnic groups with the largest populations in the thirteen colonies as of 1775?

the English and the africans

Examples of things that come in groups?

Soda comes in groups of 6

What comes in groups of 4?


What comes in groups of 364?


What comes in groups in eights?

Octets do.

What comes in groups of 12?


What things come in groups 2 through 12?

what comes in groups of 12

What comes in groups of seven?

days in a week

What comes in groups of 10?

fingers and toes

What comes in groups of 13?

Bakers dozen

What comes in groups of five?

Fingers and toes?

What comes in groups of three?

One thing that comes in groups of three is the 3 little pigs. The Holy Trinity is a group of three as is the primary colors.

Is it OK to start going out at thirteen years?

It's a little young. Try going out with groups for a couple of years.

How many groups of ten make 130?

Thirteen of them.

What comes in groups of 9s?

Cats have 9 lives

What comes in a groups of 13?

It can be anything there is no accurate answer for this question.

Things that comes in groups of nine?

Are called nonets.

What is something that comes in groups of nine?

A baseball team.