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Five eighths is twenty-five percent more than one half.

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Q: What compares each fraction five eighths with a half?
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What is the answer to two and five eighths as an improper fraction?

Two and five eighths as an improper fraction is 2625/1000 or 21/8

Which fraction is greater five-eighths or five-sevenths?

[Five sevenths] is 0.0893 greater than [five eighths]. (rounded)

Which fraction in this list is greater than one half five eighths four eights?

Five eighths.

What is Five Eighths as a Fraction?


8.625 into a fraction?

Eight and five-eighths

What is an equivalent fraction for five eighths?

the fraction for 5/8ths is .63

What fraction is equivalent to five eighths?


What fraction would come after five eighths on a number line divided into eighths?


What is five eighths as an improper fraction?

5/8 cannot be written as an improper fraction.

What is five eighths as a decimal fraction?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 5/8 is equal to 0.625.

What is 6.625 as fraction?

Six and five-eighths, or fifty-three eighths (6 and 5/8, or 53/8).

What fraction is between three eighths and five ninths?


Which is bigger the fraction five eighths or eight fifths?

The second is bigger.

Is one fourth greater than five eighths?

One fourth is considerably less than five eighths. To convert fourths into eighths, you can multiply the fraction 1/4 by 2/2 and get 2/8. It should be apparent that two eighths is a lot less than five eighths. Less than half, in fact.

What is an equivalent fraction to one and five eighths?

13/8 = 26/16

Which is bigger the fraction five eighths or three fifths?

5/8 is bigger

Is five eighths proper or improper?

Proper fraction because the numerator is less than the denominator.

Can five and three eighths be reduced?

43 over 8 (improper fraction)

Why is five eighths 0.625?

Because five divided by eight is 0.625. The line in a fraction can also be expressed as "divided by."

What is the fraction one whole and five eighths minus three quarters?

Seven eights

What is a mixed number and ad fraction for one and five eighths?

it is the 1 you wont the most

What fraction comes midway between one half and three quarters?

It is five eighths.

What is the least fraction one fifth two thirds or five eighths?


What fraction lies halfway between two thirds and five eighths?

31/48Thirty one forty eighths.

What is 0.625 as a fraction in its simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.625 is equal to 5/8 or five eighths.

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