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Five eighths.

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Q: Which fraction in this list is greater than one half five eighths four eights?
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Related questions

Which fraction is greater five-eighths or five-sevenths?

[Five sevenths] is 0.0893 greater than [five eighths]. (rounded)

What is the fraction one whole and five eighths minus three quarters?

Seven eights

What is five eighths minus three eighths?

2 eights

Is five eighth greater than two fourths?

Yes. two fourths is four eighths. And five eights is more than four eights.

Is 8 tenths greater than 5 eights?

Eight tenths is greater. Eight tenths = 80%. Five eighths = 62.5%

What is five fourths minus five eights?

five eighths

What is five eighths plus three eights in fraction form?

The sum of 5/8 and 3/8 is 1.

How can you use a number line to order two eighths seven eighth three eights and five eighths form greatest to least?

start with zero eigths then one eigths, two eigths..... the farther from the zero the greater the fraction value.

Is five eighths greater than three fourths?

No. 5 eights is less than 3 fourths

What is five eighths plus one fourth?

seven eighths

Three forths pluse five eighths?

Eleven eights, which is one and three eights.

What is five eights of thirty two?

Five eighths of 32 is 20.

What is thirteen minus five and three eighths?

seven and five eights

How many eights are in five and three eighths?


What is one eighth plus five eighths minus three eighths?

three eights

What is one and five eighths minus seven eights?

Six eighths, or three fourths.

Is seven eights greater or less than five sixths?

7/8= .875 and 5/6=.8333...(3 repeating). This means that seven eighths is greater than five sixths.

What is one quarter plus five eighths?

7 eights

Eight minus two and three eights equal?

Five and five-eighths

What is two minus three eighths?

One and five eights.

What is one-fourth plus three eights?

the answer is five eighths.

Two and five eighths divided by seven?

The answer is three-eights.

Is five eighths greater than five ninths?

Yes. If two fractions have the same numeratorthen the one with the smaller denominator is the greater fraction.

One and one half minus five eights?

1½ = Twelve eighths so the answer is seven-eighths

Five eights as a decimal?

.88888 Or .625 if you mean "Five Eighths"