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That the independent variable is constant, or very close to. For example, if this happened on a Force-time graph, you could conclude that the Force remains at the specific value regardless of the time.

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Q: What conclusion can you draw if the li ne of best fit on linear graph does not slope either up or down but is horizontal?
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What conclusions can you draw if the line of best fitting on a linear graph does not slope either up or down but is horizontal?

The conclusion would be that there is no evidence of a linear relationship between the variables. There could well be a non-linear (eg quadratic) relationship.

What is the difference between a linear graph and a non-linear graph?

linear: LINE example--- line non-linear: not a LINE example--- parabola The other possibility is a graph with a non-linear scale. First a linear scale will have each unit represent the same amount, regardless of where you are on the scale. A semilog scale, has a linear scale in the horizontal direction, and a logarithmic scale in the vertical direction. Exponential functions (such as ex & 10x), will graph as a straight line on this type of graph scale). A logarithmic or log-log scale, has logarithmic scales on both horizontal and vertical axis. Power functions (such as sqrt(x), x2 and x3), graph as a straight line on these scales. See Related Link

Is y equal 4 a linear function?

Yes, with no slope. It will show up as a horizontal line if you graph it.

3s equals 2t is this a linear equation or nonlinear?

3s=2t can also be written as 3y=2x or 3x=2y. Either way, it is linear. To find out if it is linear, simply graph it. If you can draw a completely vertical line through any point of the graph without intersecting more than one point of the graph, then it is linear. This equation (3s=2t), it is linear.

What is the horizontal axis of a graph?

The horizontal axis of a typical graph would be the "X-axis"

What is the difference between a pie chart and a bar graph?

A pie chart is round, and a bar graph is square with the bars running either horizontal or verticle.

What conclusion can be drew from the information on the graph?

What conclusion can be reached by the data shown on the graph?

Is an interval on the side of a graph?

Yes, intervals can be either on the Y Axis (Vertical), or the X Axis (Horizontal).

How can you decide from a graph whether a relationship is linear?

You can decide from a graph wheter a ralationship is linear or non linear if the line is staight is linear but if the line is not straight is not linear.

Is y equals 23 linear?

Yes. If you were to plot y=23 on a graph, you'd have a straight horizontal line where y=23 (because no matter what the value of x is on the graph, y is always 23). As the line that is plotted is straight, the equation is considered linear.

What is linear graphing?

a linear graph is a graph where the line is ongoing and doesn't change directions

What is the graph of linear equation?

The graph will be a line.