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Division is the inverse operation to multiplication.

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Q: What conclusions can you make about relation of division and multiplication?
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Can you make a sentence with the word division in it?

Class we are going to learn division. Hope you learn your multiplication.

When do two negatives make a positive?

Two negatives make a positive in multiplication and division

Can two negatives make positive?

They can if the binary operation is multiplication or division.

What is divi?

Division is the way in which people make numbers smaller. This division is the exact opposite concept of the multiplication concept.

How is multiplication and division the same?

They are not the same: they are similar. Division is the inverse operation. Division by x (where x is non-zero) is the same as multiplication by (1/x). So the operations are related but that does not make them the same.

How can 5 5 6 6 make 8 using addition subtraction multiplication and division?


How do you make a negative and a positive rule sign?

The rule(s) depend on whether you are looking at multiplication/division, addition or subtraction.

How do archaeologists make conclusions about their discoveries?

how do archaeologists make conclusions anout their discoveries

Can a negative and a negative make a positive?

In multiplication and division: always. In addition: never. In subtraction: sometimes.

What 3 digit combinations make 16?

The question does not specify how the the digits are to be combined: addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, power, other.

How To Use 3 Five Times To Make 31 with multiplication division addition and subtraction?

33 - (3+3)/3 = 31.

How can you make 8 5 6 7 equal 13 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How do you use division in a sentence?

Division has more than one meaning. Math: "Division is multiplication, going the opposite direction. General: "I like this division of work. You are better with the technical details, and I'm better with people." Well, that's two sentences, to make the meaning more clear.

What math equation using 1 2 0 and only multiply and divide will get the answer of 30?

It is not possible.Division by 0 is not defined and multiplication by 0 will result in the answer being 0. After that, no amount of multiplication or division will make any difference.Division or multiplication by 1 makes no difference to a number answer.So, all you can do is divide or multiply by 2.That will generate all the integer powers of 2 but 30 is not one of them. 120 divided by 2 divided by 2 = 30

How can you make 7 7 6 5 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How can you make 9 7 1 8 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How can you make 8 8 7 5 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?


How can you make 5 5 5 5 equal 2 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?

5/5 + 5/5 = 2.

What happens when writers edit their conclusions?

They reread their conclusions and make necessary changes.

Does every multiplication sentence have 2 division facts?

Yes it does because it does not make sense look below7x=14 that wouldn't make sense

How can you make 7 7 7 4 equal 24 using addition subtraction multiplication or division?

5748893 68549 48984 666477 78843 445

How do you make 36 using subtraction division multiplication and addition and brackets by using the numbers 2 7 4 3?

It is: 23+(4*7) = 36.

Why wouldn't you use division to find an equivalent fraction for 715?

If 7/15 is the simplest form, equivalent fractions will be greater. To make things greater, use multiplication.

How do you make 27 from 1 3 4 9 using each number once and only addition multiplication and division?


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