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Q: What control surface area on a proiferan?
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What is the control surface area on a poriferan?


What physical factors control the rate of chemical reactions?

Surface area of the reactant.

Control surface area on a Poriferan?

The control surface on a Poriferan is the surface that lines its internal canals and chambers. This surface is covered in specialized cells called choanocytes, which have flagella that create water currents to draw in food particles and oxygen for the sponge. The control surface plays a crucial role in nutrient exchange and waste removal in Poriferans.

What is the surfqace area of a cylinder?

It is the surface area of the two ends plus the surface area of the curved surface. Surface area of each end is pir2 Surface area of the curved surface is 2pirh Total surface area = 2pir2 + 2pirh

Why does a cell need to divide in terms of surface area to volume ratios?

When size of cell increases ,its surface to volume ratio decreases , control of cell activities become difficult , contact area with surrounding decreases .

What is the surface area is the sum of the areas of all the surfaces of a three dimensional object called?

The total surface area! The total surface area! The total surface area! The total surface area!

The surface area of a box when given the surface area height and peremeter?

It should be relatively easy to find the surface area of a box when you are given the surface area.

What is surface area and how you can decrease or increase surface area?

Surface area refers to the total area that covers the surface of an object or structure. To decrease surface area, you can reduce the dimensions of the object or change its shape to be more compact. To increase surface area, you can add extensions, rough textures, or indentations to the object's surface.

Find the surface area?

It depends on the surface area of what!

How can you obtain a cell's ratio of surface area to volume?

To obtain the ratio of surface area to volume, divide the surface area by the volume.

Why sphere has minimum surface area for given volume?

The same volume of an object, The simplest regular tetrahedron polyhedron, calculate the surface area. The surface area is pentahedral small surface area than the regular tetrahedron Regular hexahedron surface area than the surface area is small pentahedral . . . . If it is known is N-face surface area of ​​the body, there are N +1 is smaller the surface area of ​​the surface When N tends to infinity for a long time, Serve the sphere surface. ------mecose

Does Asia have a negative surface area?

No, Asia does not have a negative surface area. Surface area is a physical quantity that measures the total area of the outside surface of an object, in this case, the continent of Asia, and it cannot be negative.