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What corporation owns the m and m brand?

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Q: What corporation owns the m and m brand?
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Sony Corporation owns the Playstation products and brand

What corporation owns the brand Lincoln?

Ford owns the Lincoln Motor Company.

Who owns KY Brands?

The KY brand is owned by the American corporation Johnson & Johnson.

What corporation owns the brand Powerware?

Powerware is owned by Eaton Corporation. Eaton specializes in component and power system manufacturing. Powerware is their brand for electric surge protectors and backup power sources.

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The Dodge brand of cars and trucks is owned by the Chrysler Corporation as of 2014. The Dodge brand has been available since 1914.

Who owns red bull brand?

The Red Bull brand name is owned by the corporation Red Bull GmbH; based in Fuschl am See, Austria.

When a corporation owns everything it's called?

When a corporation owns everything it's called a monopoly.

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"The Hershey Corporation" is North America's largest chocolate company, doing around $% billion a year in business. It owns other corporations, but no other corporation owns it.

Who owns a corporation?


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Disney Corporation owns it.

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Intel Corporation owns McAfee.

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Taurus owns themselves- they are a corporation.

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Colt is a corporation, it owns itself.

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The Toyota company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles.

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DISH Network Corporation NASDAQ:DISH, is owned by the shareholders of the corporation.

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BuyBuyBaby Inc. owns the BuyBuyBaby stores.

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Nintendo Corporation

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Carnival Corporation

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The Loreal Corporation

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Carnival Corporation

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TBC Corporation

Who is a shareholder?

A shareholder owns stock in a corporation.