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You could have an infection or a more serious problem. No one can diagnose your health problems online -- even based on the symptoms you provided. You should contact a medical professional/gynecologist for answers to your specific questions and to get an in-person evaluation and any necessary tests or medications.

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Q: What could be the possible problems if you have vaginal discharge with an odor and you have missed your period?
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Could this be a pregnancy sign missed your period n having lot of vaginal discharge till now?

its not posibble tell go see a doctor

What are some other possible pregnancy symptoms after stopping the pill other than a missed period?

Pregnancy symptoms apart from a missed period are: Tiredness Excessive Urination Blood like discharge or spotting Tummy cramps Vaginal discharge Headaches Feeling of being unwell Tender or swollen breasts Tender or swollen nipples Darkening of the aerola The pill can give you pregnancy symptoms after you've recently stopped taking it.

What are the symptoms of an accidental pregnancy after you've had your tubes cut tied and burned?

They would be the same as a normal preganncy: nausea tender breasts increased vaginal discharge missed period

Has anyone ever not missed there period and been pregnant?

That's not possible. If vaginal bleeding occurs you're either not pregnant or aren't anymore

How many weeks in pregnancy do you start getting cramps and aching?

Some women experience mild cramping and increased vaginal discharge soon after their missed period, others may not have any cramping.

Why do you have brownish discharge and a missed period?

See your OBGYN

Can you be pregnant if you've missed your period for 2 months and instead of a period have white discharge?

There are a lot of possible medical conditions that could cause you to not only miss a period but have a discharge. The best possible advise for this question is to see a doctor right away.

Vaginal discharge missed periods unpleasent smell?

Missed periods can be from stress, diet, pregnancy or simply just missed periods (everyone misses periods sometimes!). If you fear you may be pregnant, please get a test. Vaginal discharge is completely normal, and usually you are the only person that notices the smell. If it is a powerful smell you may have an infection. If you feel irritation or pain, consult a doctor. Or if it goes on for over a week. You may have a urinary tract infection (UTI) if it burns or hurts when you urinate. If any symptoms go on for more than a week, please consult a doctor.

What are the typical pregnancy symptoms?

Missed period. Nausea or vomiting Cramping Veins on breasts Tender breasts or nipples A line going down your abdomonen from your belly button (not all the time) Headaches Tiredness Excessively urinating Extra or a lot of vaginal discharge similar to ovulation discharge.

You have white watery vaginal discharge could you be pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex recently, and did not perform Kiegels to discharge the semen, it could be the leftover semen. If you have missed your period, or have had an unusually short or light period, get a pregnancy test. If neither of these is the case, you could have a yeast infection or another issue. Consult your physician.

Can it be pregnancy if you missed your periods and discharge yellow in colour?

you must have aids

I am ten days late and 3 HP T's show negative I have a lot f white vaginal discharge and feel very weird Could i still be pregnant?

Maybe you should visit your doctor because you could have missed your period because of stress, over exercise, not eating enough or other various reasons. Although when i was pregnant i had the same problem i had alot of vaginal discharge and missed my period for a week and it still showed negative until a week and a half after my missed period. If you feel weird about your body and you have missed your period a visit to the doctor might not be a bad idea just to see whats going on because most women are very intune with their bodys and know when something is not right.

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