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I suggest u that pythagorous theorem and elgebric expression are good choices.

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Q: What could be the topics for maths project of class 8th?
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Topics for class 10 maths project?

There are many possible topics for call 10 math's project. The first step is to figure out what area of math to make the topic.

Any topic for maths project of class 9?

history of maths

Could you suggest a good and unique Maths model for class 9 on any of these topics - Mensuration or Probability or Statistics or Algebraic identities?


Some maths topics in class 10 cbse?

maths is very commercial sub we have to study it very sincerer

What can be a good maths project for class 9 cbse?

there are many topics like probability, mensuration, algebraic identities. try proving some identity experimentally or you can buy a Maths Lab Book. here is one such book - I do I understand Mathematica Laboratory Manual for class 9 by Goyal Brothers Publication

Maths 3d model for class X?

a model which is 3-dimensional and related to the topics of class 10

Maths project on circles for class 10th?


Ideas to make a model on any 9th class maths topics?

maths model for class 9

You want a maths project on triangles of class 10th?


How to do maths project for class 8 cbse syllabus?


What can be a good maths project for class 7 CBSE?


How do you write acknowledgement in maths project for class 10?


Make a maths project for CLASS 9th?

You can make a project based on pythagoras theorem.Use icecream sticks

Maths project on the topic algebraic identities for class 9?


I want some information on population maths project for my maths competition student of class 7th?

Maths is for kids and teenagers all around the world to study and become great Maths wizards

Suggest a topic for maths project for class 9?

try the mobius's circle..its a good topic

Maths best Project of class 6?

Use tooth picks to make the ifle tower

What can be appropriate project for maths for class ninth?

When I was in ninth grade, I did one investigating Zeno's Paradoxes.

What can be a good maths project for ICSE class 9?

chutia,madar chod,bhosadi wala

Maths projects for class tenth?

we do make project for all subjects all classes at nominal prices.

How do you make a project on maths for class 6?

Sorry, we can't answer that - it would be best to ask your teacher for advice.

What shall you make for class 10 maths project file?

to make your project file better paste the pictures of mathematician and write facts on vedic mathematics

Maths project on linear equation in 2 variables?

can i get a project on maths topic is linear equations..??

What is mathematics involved in maths projects?

because it is a 'maths' project