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Q: What country is loacted at 10s and 50w?
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What country is located at 10s and 50w?


What city is 10S latitude and 50W longitude?

That's in the middle of Brazil; only small towns nearby.

What city is located at 10S 50W?

The coordinates 10S 50W point to the city of Cuiabá in Brazil. It is the capital of the state of Mato Grosso and is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural attractions.

What is Jamaica hemisphere country is loacted?

Whathemisphere isJamaica country located in

Which country is most likely at 20S latitude and 50W longitude?

I'm troubled by this idea of "most likely". These things don't do a whole lot of moving around. Wherever a country was yesterday, last week, or last year, you can pretty much count on it being in the same place today and tomorrow. (I'm speaking geographically, of course, not politically.) It's this fact that drives the whole map-publishing industry. The point 20° S / 50° W is in southeastern Brazil, about 320 miles southwest of the capital at Brasília. That's what was there last time I checked, and I have no doubt that it's still there.

What country do the lines of 10S latitude and 20E longitude cross?


What is the greatest common factor of 10w plus 50w?

Since 10w is a factor of 50w, it is automatically the GCF.

Where is Damascus loacted?


What country longitude and latitude is 10s and 45w?

Brazil. More specifically, the Piaui province of Brazil.

What oils isn't a multiviscosity oil 5w-30 10w-40 10w-30 or 50w?

The 50W is not a multiviscosity.

Where is London loacted?

Southeast England.

How can counting by 10s help you muliply by 10s?

ok i get this