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Q: What cultures have kites celebrations?
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How are kites used in different cultures?

They were used mainly for

How do aboriginal cultures use drums for celebrations?

for pizza

How do other cultures celebrate Christmas?

Celebrations of Christmas in other cultures varies depending on the culture. Other cultures celebrate with church services, family gatherings, and festive decorations There are large feasts, and celebrations can last from Christmas Eve until January 6.

Why do they make kites to celebrate matariki?

Kites are sometimes flown during Matariki celebrations because they symbolize reaching towards the stars and connecting with the sky, which aligns with the idea of the Matariki cluster being a time to remember and honor deceased loved ones. Additionally, kites are a fun and engaging way to celebrate the Matariki festival with communities coming together to fly kites and enjoy the festivities.

What countries-cultures have used kites?

Kites were first invented in China. However, they have been used in countries all over the world, including New Zealand, India, and Europe, and the United States.Ê

What is the singular possessive form of kites?


Are all kites quadrilaterals?

All kites are quadrilaterals, but quadrilaterals are not kites.

All kites are bills of exchange but not all bills of exchange are kites?

all kites are bills of exchange but not all bills of exchange are kites why?

Kites invented by the?

Kites were invented by the chinese

Where do kites get made?

kites get made in factories

Are kites rectangles?

no because kites are many shapes and sizes. so no kites are not always a rectangle.

What is the collective name for kites?

The collective nouns for 'kites' (birds) are:a kettle of kitesa soar of kitesa roost of kitesThere is no standard collective noun for the type of kites flown on a string.