Why makes kites fly?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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kites are flown by the wind

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Q: Why makes kites fly?
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Why do you fly kites on Independence Day?

just out and fly kites dont get to the root of it

Did kites fly successfully?

the first kites were made by Benjamin Franklin and did not fly successfully.

Where do people fly kites?

People usually fly kites in the park in an area where there are not many trees.

Why do people fly kites on matariki day?

kites were used to send massage's.

What children fly in the wind?

Kites fly in the wind.

What do kites have?

kites have wooden sticks some string to fly the kite and some paper to make it fly because paper is light

What are some safety guidelines for flying kites?

don't fly kites un extreme winds

What country was first to fly kites?


What country was the first to fly kites?


Did khaled Hosseini fly kites?

Khaled Hosseini did fly kites. When he was living in Kabul he used to participate in Kite tournaments and build his own kites and buy glass string. His partner in flying kites was a Hazara cook from his household, who he befriended and taught how to read and write.

Do you carry kites?

I am not one to carry or fly a kite.

What has the author Jim Rowlands written?

Jim Rowlands has written: 'Kites to make and fly' -- subject(s): Kites