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25% is 1/4 as a fraction or 0.25 as a decimal

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Q: What decimal fraction is equivalent to 25 percent?
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What fraction and decimal is equivalent to 48 percent?

48%:= 0.48 in decimal= 48/100 or 12/25 in fraction

What are equivalent fractions of 25 percent?

25% = 1/4 as a fraction or 0.25 as a decimal

What are other 2 values that are equivalent to 25 percent?

25% is also equivalent to 0.25 in decimal and 25/100 or 1/4 in fraction

How do you turn the fraction 25 over 15 into a decimal and percent?

Well first you have to divide 25 by 15 to get the decimal equivalent 1.6 with the 6 repeating. To get the percent all you have to do is multiply the decimal equivalent by 100 to get 166 and 2/3 %.

What is 92 percent equivalent to?

92%= 0.92 in decimal= 92/100 or 23/25 in fraction

What is 36 percent as a fraction and a decimal?

36%(percent) = 0.36(decimal) = 9/25(fraction)

How do you write 4 percent percent as a fraction and decimal?

fraction: 4/100 = 1/25 decimal: 0.04

88 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

Decimal: 0.88 Fraction: 22/25

What is the fraction and decimal of 12 percent?

The fraction is 3/25 and the decimal is .12

What is 12 percent as a decimal and fraction?

As a decimal: 0.12 As a fraction: 3/25

What is 224 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

It is 2.24, which is a decimal fraction and so cannot be simplified. The equivalent rational fraction is 2 6/25

What is 2 and half percent as a fraction and decimal?

Fraction: 25/1000 Decimal: 0.025