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Q: What decimal is equal to thirteen twentyfifths?
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Related questions

What decimal is equal to seven twentyfifths?

7/25 = 0.28

Eleven twentyfifths as a decimal?


What is six and thirteen hundredths in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal, six and thirteen hundredths is equal to 6.13.

What is five and four twentyfifths as a decimal number?


What is nine twentyfifths equal to?


What decimal does negative thirteen twentiefiths equal?


What is thirteen sixteenths in a decimal?

13/16 is equal to 0.8125

What is thirteen fourteenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 13/14 is equal to 0.9285714 recurring (that is, 0.9285714285714...)

What is thirteen twentieths expressed as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 13/20 is equal to 0.65.

What is 26 and thirteen fortieths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 26 13/40 is equal to 26.325

What is sixth and twentyfifths as a decimal?

6 + 20/5 = 6 + 4 = 10

What is eight twentyfifths?

8/25 as a decimal is 0.32

What is thirteen twentieths in decimal form?

13/20 is equal to 0.65

What is 9 tweentfiths as a decimal?

The word tweentfiths is not recognised. If it is an epic fail at your spelling twentyfifths, then the answer is 0.36

What is two twentyfifths as a decimal?

2/25 x 4/4 = 8/100 = 0.08

How do you write thirteen twentieths as a decimal?

Thirteen twentieths as a decimal is 0.65

What is 6 twentyfifths in a decimal?

6 twentyfifths in a decimal = 0.24 6/25:= 6 ÷ 25= 0.24 in decimal

Is 6 eights equal to 9 twentyfifths?

No, 6/8 is greater than 9/25.

What is thirteen over sixteen as a decimal?

thirteen over sixteen as a decimal = 0.8125

How do you write one and three tenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 1 3/10 is equal to 1.3.

What is an equivalent fraction for the decimal 2.36?

2 and nine over twenty-five (the whole number two and the fraction nine twentyfifths)

What is 32 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

32% = 8/25 , that is, eight twentyfifths OR 32%=0.32

What is thirteen fifties as decimal?

thirteen fiftieth as decimal = 0.26

What is the decimal form of thirteen and a half?

thirteen and a half = 13.5

What is thirteen fiftieth as a decimal?

It is: 13/50 = 0.26 as a decimal