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Accuracy. How close you are to your expected value.

Precision. How close together you values are.

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Q: What describes the two parts of a measurement?
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Which describes the two parts of a measurement?

a number and a unit

Does a measurement have two parts?

Of course it has a length and width

What is meant by parts per hundred or parts per hundredths?

Parts per hundred (pph) describes a measurement as a fraction of one hundred, while parts per hundredths (pph) describes a measurement as a fraction of one hundredth. For example, 50 parts per hundred means there are 50 units for every 100 units, while 25 parts per hundredths means there are 25 units for every 1000 units.

What are the two parts required to express measurement of a physical quantity?

The two parts required to express measurement of a physical quantity are a numerical value and a unit of measurement. The numerical value indicates the magnitude of the quantity being measured, while the unit of measurement provides the context or scale for that value.

What are two parts of a measurement?

A number and a unit make up a measurement.

What two parts does every measurement need?

metric system and English system

Length is the measurement of?

Length is the measurement of the distance between two points. It describes how long an object is from end to end.

What climatic regions describes two different parts of the country?

Wet cool

What is an adjective for dichotomous?

Dichotomous is an adjective. It describes something broken into two parts.

Which term describes changing a measurement to an equivalent measurement of different unit?


Why does every measurement have two parts?

What two parts are you referring to? Do you mean the number and the unit?There are measurement and units.Example:Length is the measurement and metres/meters is the unit;Volume is the measurement and litres/liters or cubic meters is the unit;Current is the measurement and Ampere/ Amps is the unit.That would be a lot like the reason that every price has two parts ... like "ten" and "dollars" .A measurement doesn't mean anything to you until you know what the unit is andhow many of them there are.Example: I could tell you that on the way home yesterday I bought 3, paid 4.5 for them, drank 1 with dinner, then sat down and watched TV for 15, then went to bed and slept for only 20.

What measurement describes a baby elephant?