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Q: What did Pythagoras study in mathematics?
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Pythagoras fields of study?


How does Pythagoras theorem actually help in the study of mathematics?


Was Pythagoras of samos gay yes or no?

Pythagoras never commented on his sexuality, and it has no bearing on his contributions to the study of mathematics.

What other M-word did Pythagoras study and connect with mathematics?


Contributions of Pythagoras?

HE liked to study the nature and numerology to the mathematics of the world.

Which Greek geometer founded a philosophical society that devoted itself to the study of mathematics?


Which greek geometer founded a piliosophical society that devoted itself to the study of mathematics?

It was Pythagoras

Who founded mathematics?


The first mathematician?

The study of mathematics goes beyond written language so there is no way to know.

What is the history of Pythagoras?

Pythagoras (569-500 B.C.E.) was born on the island of Samos in Greece, and did much traveling through Egypt, learning, among other things, mathematics. Not much more is known of his early years. Pythagoras gained his famous status by founding a group, the Brotherhood of Pythagoreans, which was devoted to the study of mathematics

What is Pythagoras eduction?

Pythagoras education was mathematics and was taught by other people

What did Pythagoras do that you do today?

Mathematics and science.