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There is no digit that can replace the ? in 2?67 to make it divisible by 4.

All multiples of 4 are even, 2?67 is an odd number and so cannot be a multiple of 4.

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Q: What digit can you place in the blank in 2 67 to make it divisible by 4?
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What is the digit(s) can ba placedin the blank in 8778 to make it divisible by 18?

Add 6 to it and so 8784/18 = 488

What digit will make 29 divisible by 3?

29 is not divisible by 3 and how any digit will alter that depends on how that digit is to interact with 29.

What digits can be placed in the blank in 56 8 9 to make it divisible by 9?

If the number is divisible by 9 the sum of its digits (its digital root) must be divisible by 9. 5+6+8+9 = 28 The next multiple of 9 is 36 and that is 8 more. So the missing digit must be 8.

What is the largest 5 digit number you can make which is divisible by 6?


What is the highest digit that will make 980 divisible by 6?

It depends on whether you mean the highest digit that you add or subtract or multiply by!

What is the smallest digit that can replace B and make the number divisible by 6?

6 (or 0)

What digit i will move in the number 9 563 to make it divisible by 2?

The 3, to the left.

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No single digit determines divisibility by 3.

Can you order the digits 6 5 4 3 2 1 to make a number witch is divisible by six and then when the final digit is removed it becomes a five digit number divisible by five?


What digit would make 2530 divisible by 9?

Any integer divisible by 9 has digits whose sum is divisible by 9. The sum of the digits in 2530 is 2+5+3+0 = 10, and the sum of 1+0 = 1. Having an additional digit "8" in the number, or replacing the "0" with an "8", would make a number divisible by 9. Thus 82,530; 28,530; 25,830; 25,380; 25,308; or 2,538 are all divisible by 9.

What digit will complete the number 9 014 to make it divisible by 6?

4: to make it 90144 = 15024*6