What dimension of density?

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Density = Mass / Volume.

kg/m3 or gm/cm3

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Q: What dimension of density?
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What is dimension of density?

Density = Mass / Volume. kg/m3 or gm/cm3

What is the dimension of density?

SI units for density is kg/m3; another popular unit is g/cm3. In any case, you have to divide a mass by a volume. Therefore, the dimension for density is [mass] / [length]3.

The density of a solid object is defined as the ratio of the mass of the object to its volume The dimension of density is?


What is mass divided by volume?

This is the density. ---------------------------------------- Density is an important physical and specific property of materials. Density is an intensive property irrespective on the form and dimension of the sample.

Why is important to study density?

The density is important in mechanical engineering, evaluation of the volume from mass, evaluation of packages dimension, etc.

How do you find density if area is given?

If you know the other dimension you can multiply it by the area to get the volume. Otherwise you can only get the area density (houses per square mile etc).

How do you convert tons to square meters?

Tonnes is weight, weight is not comparable to area without knowing the third dimension and density

What is the mass of a cube?

The dimension of the side in cm are required to calculate the volume (cm3) and density in g/cm3 or specific gravity of the substance is then used to calculate the mass. Mass = Volume x Density

What is volume of cube with length of .045cm and density of 21.4g?

density is measured in grams/cm3 . The units that you have given us make this question unanswerable.If the density was 21.4 g/cm3 and you gave us one dimension of .045cm then that leaves us with 0.963 g/cm2. Still unsolvable.What we need to know is the mass of the sample. Knowing that we could calculate the volume directly. But we still wouldn't know the dimension of the volume. Even knowing one dimension leaves us in doubt as to the dimensions of the cross-sectional area of the sample.

What is the fourth dimension in architecture?

Only if we are scaling small spaces as large spaces, density can be increasing when comparing the smaller object with the larger object so truly the larger object might be even larger

What is the fourth dimension according to the modern science?

Density is the fourth dimension and it can also be increasing the mass like other dimensions but we cannot see with our eyes but only if the width is very low and doesnt touch the centre and it's only directly proportional to surface, only if the object is transparent it exists

What is the difference between a driving and driven dimension?

Driving Dimension: the geometry is controlled by the dimension. Driven Dimension: the dimension is controlled by the geometry.

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