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sqrt (3)/(2) times A and -sqrt (3)/(2)

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Q: What displacement from equilibrium is the speed of SHO half the max value?
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What would the effect be on the equilibrium constants if the total amount of cheerios used was doubled?

The value of K would be decreased by one half

Why does the displacement time graph of free vibration system do not come zero while acceleration time graph comes zero?

Not true. If the graph starts with displacement = 0 when time = 0 then it must return to zero at time = half the period, and all multiples of that value. If the graph starts at some other value, it must return to zero within t = half the period, and then keep returning to zero after every half-period.

How do you determine total displacement?

displacement =velocity multiplied by time plus half of acceleration multiplied by time squared

What is one half accleration times time squared?

This is the physics formula for displacement, more commonly called distance. But, it assumes you start at zero speed. The time units cancel out in the formula, so the answer comes out in terms of distance.

Why is the half dime called a half dime?

Because the value of it is worth half the value of a dime.

What is a half-value layer?

Some previously called a half-value thickness or half-value layer a half-thickness. Whatever an investigator calls it, the half-value layer is the thickness a layer of a given material would have to be to reduce the intensity of radiation striking its surface by half (50%).

Does the camshaft rotates at what speed?

One half the speed of the crankshaft.

What is displacement of the point of a wheel initially in contact with the ground when the wheel rolls forward one-half revolution.radius of the wheel is R?

Displacement is a vector quantity. Magnitude is 2R and direction is vertically upward

What is the value of 20 half dollars?

20 half dollars have a face value of a $10.

How can a reversible reaction be reversed?

Reversible reactions are those where the products are in equilibrium at a set of conditions. For one of the most simple examples to illustrate this, look at ice water. At equilibrium conditions, a class of ice water is half ice and half water. If you shift the conditions by heating the ice water, ice will melt to bring the temperature back to equilibrium conditions but the ratio of ice to water will have changed.

An automotive engine's camshaft rotates at what speed?

half the speed of the engine

What is value of 5 in diameter of half dollar?

value of 5 in the diameterof a half dollar