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A total of five coins.

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30 cents

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Q: What do 4 nickels and one dime make up?
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What do two nickels make?

10 cents, but it also makes two shiny coins. Two nickels make up the value of a dime.

How many ways can you make change for 75 cents using nothing but nickels and dimes?

1 nickel = 5c 1 dime = 10c If 75c were all nickels then there would be 15 nickels. 2 nickels can then be changed for 1 dime and this can be done 7 times so that the final make up is 1 nickel and 7 dimes. There are thus 8 ways of producing 75c using just nickels and dimes.

How many nickels and dimes make a dollar?

Each dollar is worth 100 cents; each nickel is worth five cents; each dime is worth 10 cents. You can put together any combination of nickels and dimes you like to make up one dollar.

What4 coins that makes up 25 cent?

1 dime and 3 nickels

If you have twenty eight cents how many different combinations of coins could you have?

Seven combinations that I can come up with: two dimes a nickel and three pennies all pennies two dimes and eight pennies a quarter and three pennies five nickels and three pennies three nickels one dime and three pennies two nickels one dime and eight pennies

What 5 coins add up to 50 cents and the coins are not the same?

two quarters, two dimes and a nickel: One half dollar, and one dime and two nickels

Is there such thing as a dime on one side of a coin and a penny on the other?

yes if the workers screwed up enough to make a dime/penny

How many different combinations can you make with 17 cents?

I am assuming this means what different combinations of coins would add up to 17 cents. You could have one dime, one nickel and 2 pennies, 1 dime, 7 pennies 3 nickels, 2 pennies 2 nickels, 7 pennies 1 nickel, 12 pennies 17 pennies

What does it mean when you are always finding nickels?

Always finding nickels means that you need to lighten up a little. By lightening up you will have more. For instance, the dime: half the weight but twice the value. NUM3ER5... they're amazing!

What is the minimum number of quarters pennies and nickels needed to make up 123 cents?

The minimum number of quarters, pennies, and nickels needed to make up 123 cents is 4 quarters, 4 nickels, and 3 pennies.

What is the greatest number with whom 30 nickels an 36 dimes can be shared so that each person gets the same share?

If you don't have to use them all up, 36 people could get one dime apiece or 30 people could get 1 nickel and 1 dime. If you have to use them all up, 6 people could get 5 nickels and 6 dimes apiece. It's the GCF.

How many nickels make a dollar?

A nickel is worth 5 cents. A dollar is worth 100 cents. 100/5=20. Twenty nickels make up a dollar.Twenty nickels make a dollar.20

How many nickels and quarters make up 1.50?

Either 30 nickels or 6 quarters or a lot of combinations of the two.

How many American cents make up a dime?


How many cents make up an American dime?


Three nickels make up what percent of a dollar?


How do you show 2 different possible combinations of dimes and nickels that would total 27.75?

There must be at least one nickel, to account for the 5 cents of the 75 cents. So, one solution would be 1 nickel and 277 dimes. This would be (277 x 0.10) + 0.05 = 27.70 + 0.05 = 27.75 Another solution would be 1 dime and 553 nickels. This would be (553 x 0.05) + 0.10 = 27.65 + 0.10 = 27.75 You will have an odd number of nickels in an solution. Possible solutions include 1 nickel & 277 dimes 3 nickels & 276 dimes 5 nickels & 275 dimes 7 nickels & 274 dimes 9 nickels & 273 dimes up to 553 nickels and 1 dime

How many dimes nickels and quarters make up 500?

If by 500 you mean 500 cents then : 50 dimes or 100 nickels or 20 quarters. If you mean 500 dollars then: 5,000 dimes or 10,000 nickels or 2,000 quarters.

How many different combinations of quarters dimes and nickels make up 75 cents?


If you have nickels dimes and quarters in how many ways can you make up 50 cents?

There are 10 ways.

What 5 coins make up 1.00?

3 quarters 1 dime and a nickel.

How many nickels make up 100 dollars?

$100 can be made up without any nickels at all. If there were some peculiar reason that you wanted to pay someone $100 all in the form of nickels, then you would need to give him 2,000 of them in order to settle the debt.

How many nickels are in a dollar?

A nickel is worth 5 cents. A dollar is worth 100 cents. 100/5=20. Twenty nickels make up a dollar.20

How much money do you have in dollars with 1000 dimes and 1000 nickels?

A dime is 10 cents so 1000 dimes is 10,000 cents or $100. A nickel is 5 cents so 1000 of them is 5,000 cents of $50. Therefore the total is $150. Another way to compute the answer is to pair up each dime and nickel to make 15 cents. Because there are 1000 of each coin you would have 1000 nickel/dime pairs, or 15,000 cents which is the same as $150.

How many 10 cents make up 1 dollar?

A ten cent coin is a dime. And ten of them make a Dollar.

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