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Q: What do Presbyterians think about their creeds and confessions?
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Related questions

Do presbyterians follow one creed?

No, Presbyterians recognize a number of historical and contemporary creeds and confessions. From the Scots Confession (1560) and the Westminster Confession and Catechisms (1643 - 1649) to the Brief Statement of Faith (1991,) The Book of Confessions includes eleven "confessional statements" that describe and define the continuing development of Presbyterian belief through the changes and challenges of history. Presbyterians do not believe that the Christian faith should be unchanging through the ages but rather that the faith is "reformed and continually being reformed" through the action and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

What are the three books that guide Presbyterians?

The 3 books which guide Presbyterians are 1) The Bible 2) The Book of Order, and 3) The Book of Confessions.

What are the religious beliefs of presbyterianism?

The Presbyterian Church is a Protestant mainline denomination in the Reformed Tradition. Although there is great variation among individual congregations ranging from very conservative evangelical to very liberal progressive, all Presbyterians recognize the authority of Scripture (Hebrew and Christian) and the guidance of several Creeds and Confessions collected in the Book of Confessions. These include historical Creeds such as the Apostles' Creed and the Westminster Confession as well as modern Creeds such as the Barmen Declaration and the Confession of 1967. Although there are a number of different Presbyterian denominations, the largest, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has consistently chosen not to delineate any list of specific beliefs (essential tenets) required of all members. Instead, Presbyterians emphasize the continuing guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit for the Church as a whole and for each individual member, affirming that "God alone is Lord of the conscience."

What are the three basic beliefs of Presbyterian?

Presbyterian doctrine cannot be reduced to three basic beliefs. The various forms of Presbyterianism are rooted in the Reformed Tradition of the Protestant faith. Presbyterians adhere to creeds and confessions that are included in the Book of Confessions. These are not scripture or holy texts but nine statements by the Church from different eras of history, responding to specific issues of the time. Some of these include the Scots' Confession, the Westminster Confession, the Barmen Declaration, the Confession of 1967 and a Brief Statement of Faith of 1983.

When do presbyterians believe Jesus was born?

Presbyterian beliefs are expressed in writing in what's called The Book of Confessions, but not all Presbyterians are asked to affirm the ones found there - only ordained church officers (elder, deacons, ministers). (Presbyterian church members are asked to affirm Christ as Lord and Savior, accept Him as head of the church, and trust in Him alone). There is no statement as to when Christ was born in the Book of Confessions. Answer: Presbyterians celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ.

What has the author Charles Greig M'Crie written?

Charles Greig M'Crie has written: 'The confessions of the Church of Scotland' -- subject(s): Westminster Assembly, Church of Scotland, Presbyterianism, History, Creeds, Catechisms and creeds, Westminster Assembly (1643-1652)

What has the author William A Curtis written?

William A. Curtis has written: 'A History Of Creeds And Confessions Of Faith In Christendom And Beyond, With Historical Tables'

Were many southern presbyterians neutral?

I think so.

Southern presbyterians neutral loyalist patriot?

Southern presbyterians we're neutral!! Get your facts right. I don't think you should just put stuff.

What religion is presbyterian?

Actually, Presbyterian is a denomination located within the Reformed part of the Christian church. That is, Presbyterians think of themselves as Christians first and Presbyterians second.

What has the author Vernon H Neufeld written?

Vernon H. Neufeld has written: 'The earliest Christian confessions' -- subject(s): Bible, Creeds, History and criticism, Theology

Do presbyterians wear crucifixes?

No, Presbyterians do not generally wear crucifixes, although there is no rule prohibiting crucifixes. Presbyterians and other Protestants are more likely to wear crosses that do not display the body of Christ. The underlying theology reflects the Protestant focus on the Resurrection rather than on the Crucifixion.

How many Presbyterians in US?

How many Presbyterians in the USA

Do Presbyterians believe in predestination?

Yes. Presbyterians follow the teachings of Calvinism.

What are some similarities between Protestants and Presbyterians?

Presbyterians are a subset of Protestants, so they are Protestants. Not all Protestants are Presbyterians, however.

What is the seventeen creeds of crip?

Crips don't have any creeds.

Is baptism as an infant recognized by presbyterians?

Infant baptism is recognized by Presbyterians.

Do the presbyterians have an organized mass?

Presbyterians have organized worship services, during which the Lord's Supper is periodically celebrated. Presbyterians do not celebrate the "mass" that is celebrated in the Roman Catholic tradition.

Who made the song Confessions?

I'm not sure but i think it was usher

Where did the Presbyterians settle in Colonial America?

In colonial America, Presbyterians settled from Maine to Georgia. The Puritans of Massachusetts and Connecticut were originally Presbyterians. They split into Congregationalists and Presbyterians. In New York and New Jersey, as many of the Dutch learned English they left the Dutch Reformed Church and became Presbyterians. Huguenot refugees from France became Presbyterians. In the South, many Scots and Scotch Irish brought Presbyterianism with them. Thus, While there were no Presbyterian colonies south of New England, there were groups of Presbyterians throughout the colonies.

What was the name given to the followers of John Knox in Scotland?


What are the differences between Catholics and Presbyterians?

The Presbyterians are Protestant and do not recognize the authority of the Pope.

Are presbyterians backing isis?

NO. Presbyterians have nothing to do with Islamic State.

What can't Presbyterians eat?

Presbyterians have no specific dietary restrictions. Presbyterians can and do enjoy alcoholic beverages, meat, and all wholesome food, in accordance with the local tradition and culture in which they live.

Do Croats hate Jews?

No, Croatians are accept people of all races and creeds. ___ It's not helpful to think in such sweeping terms.