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a square or rhombus

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Q: What do congruent line segments and congruent angles form?
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Are all congruent angles equal?

Yes - in the case of angles or line segments, congruent means they have the same measure.

What does it mean for angles and segments to be congruent?

Two angles are congruent if they both measure exactly the same number of degrees. Two line segments are congruent if they both have exactly the same length.

What are the 5 congruent line segments?

straight line,triangle,rays angles

When 2 angles or 2 line segments have the same measure?

They are congruent.

Definition for congruent line segments for geometry?

congruent line segments- line segments that have the same lengths.

Definition of congruent line segments?

Line segments are congruent if they have the same length

What is are congruent segments?

Line segments are congruent if they have the same length.

What are perpendicular line segments?

Perpendicular line segments are line segments that cross with each other and form angles of 90 degrees.

Why are line segments congruent?

In general, they are not congruent.

Does a bisector cut a line into two congruent segments?

A bisector cuts a line SEGMENT into two congruent line segments. A line has indefinite or infinite length.

What is a congruent point?

A congruent point is a point that coincides or overlaps another point in space, typically in geometry. Congruent points have the same coordinates and occupy the same position in a geometric figure or space.

If two lines are parallel are they congruent?

First, lines and rays cannot be congruent because they do not have both end points defined. Not having an end point define means we cannot talk about their length so they can't be congruent. Line segments, however, can be congruent. Congruent line segments NEED NOT be parallel.Furthermore, if two line segments are parallel, that does not mean they are congruent since parallel line segments may not have the same length.Congruent line segments would be ones that are the same length.