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Real numbers

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Q: What do decimals mean in mathematics?
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What do the two zero in mathematics decimals?

what do the two zero in decimal mathematic

How are fractions and decimals used in engineering?

Fractions and decimals are a major part of mathematics, and mathematics is a major part of engineering. They are used for a huge range of things involved in calculations for almost every part of an engineer's job.

What type of games are mathematics games?

Mathematics games are games that involve mathematical concepts in themselves such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry.

How did the use of decimals improve mathematics?

It made people be more accurate and they didn't have to round the numbers off.

Who discover decimals number?

The Arabs. Roman mathematics suffered from lack of a zero. They could not do multiplication or division.

How is math related to science?

People who shaped science are also important in mathematics. The early history of mathematics is sketchy. Now the use of decimals and numbers with nine figures.

Why does mathematics are important to LIFE?

Mathematics are important to LIFE because without mathematics how can you know the important things such as addition subtraction fraction multiplication division decimals ratios geometry percent area measuring and many other equations without mathematics??? that's why mathematics is important to our life...

What does terminating decimal mean?

Some decimals repeat. Some decimals go on forever. Some decimals stop. Those are called terminating decimals.

What does equivalent decimals mean?

it means both the type of decimals have the same value

What is 77100 in decimals?

I think you mean 77/100. That would be .77 in decimals.

What is the definition of repeating decimals in mathematics?

Repeating decimals consist of a fixed string of digits which repeat infinitely in the decimal representation of a number. These may start anywhere after a finite number of digits.

Why don't we use roman numbers any more?

Roman numerals are very difficult to do mathematics with, and do not work at all in advanced mathematics as the roman numeral system has no concept of zero, negative numbers, fractions, powers, or decimals.

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