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Q: What do if their are two of the same numbers for mode?
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What is the mode if no two numbers are the same?

there is no mode if no two answers are the same.

What if you have 2 numbers how do you find the mode?

If there is no repeated numbers there is simply no mode. If there is two numbers that are the same, (example: 3,3) then that will be your mode. (Data: 3,3 Mode:3)

How can two data sets with different numbers have the same mean median and mode?

(10,10,30,30,30,50,50) (20,20,30,30,30,40,40) These two sets have the same mean, median and mode.

Can You Get Two Answers for a Mode Question?

Yes you can.2 same numbers

There are 5 single digit number there mean median and mode are the same what are the numbers?

They could all be the same number, e.g. 55555 (mean=median=mode=5) or they could be three numbers the same, with an equal space between the first two and the last two, e.g. 24446 (mean=median=mode=4). For the mode to be well-defined, some of the numbers have to be the same.

How do you find the mode if the numbers are not the same?

Then there is no mode

How do you get the mode with 6 numbers?

The same as with any other quantity of numbers. To get the median of an even number of numbers, you average the middle two numbers.

What is the mode if no two number are alike?

If no two numbers are alike, then there is no mode. The mode is none.

How do you find the mode if two numbers recur the same amount?

The distribution is bi-modal. That is to say both the numbers are modes.

Write a C plus plus to find median and mode of a number?

The median and mode of any number is the same number. The mode of 5 is 5, as is the median of 5. In other words, you need two or more numbers to determine the median and mode of those numbers.

How can you find the mean if there are not two numbers the same?

The mean is adding up all numbers and dividing it by the amount of numbers there is. The mode is the most common number of which it would be all numbers

How do you find the mode if 2 numbers appear the same number of times?

Then you dont have a mode because there is two mode and we cannot add them or divide them. Because they are already use in other situation.