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They measur the miles of highway in use. Starting from the west at one mile amd from the south at one mile. SO if you were traveling from the western or southern border of your state you would know exactly how many miles you had come.

Added: The mile markers also PRIMARILY identify the location on the Interstates so that emergency and service vehicles can identify where they are. The intersections are few and usually far between and there are no intersection roads, so being able to pinpoint the location of an incident becomes of prime importance.

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Q: What do mile markers measure?
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When was Mile Markers created?

Mile Markers was created in 2005.

Are there mile markers on the Platte river bike trail?

Yes, there are half mile markers

Is it kilometer or is it a mile?

Km is metric measure mile is US measure

What is a hectare to a mile?

There is no relation. A hectare is a measure of area. A mile is a measure of length.

How many mile markers to the mile?

This varies by state. Some states post one for each 1/10 of a mile. Others post mile markers by the 1/4 mile. Most however, especially along the interstate highway system mark only the miles, one per.

If the entire roadway is 10560 feet long how many 2 tenth mile markers will be used?

10560 feet = 2 miles = 10 two-tenths of a mile. Including the starting marker, you would require 11 markers on each side of the road.

What is the difference between a square mile and a mile?

A square mile is a measure of area, such as the acreage of a plot of land. A mile is a measure of length or distance, such as from one city to another.

Where do Mile markers begin at state lines borders?

Mile marker #1 is 1 mile N. of the Southern border of the state. Not sure how east west works. For West to East, mile marker #1 is 1 mile east of the western border of the state

How many mph in a mile?

mph is a measure of speed: miles per hour mile is a measure of distance; These are not comparable.

How many acres make a mile?

An acre is a measure of area, a mile is a measure of distance, so your question cannot be answered.

How many quarts are in a mile?

A 'quart' is a unit used to measure volume, and a 'mile' is a unit used to measure distance. Since they are two completely different things, you cannot measure quarts in a mile, or vice versa.

Where does the Natchez-Trace Parkway end?

It goes from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN., with the mile markers starting in Natchez.