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Q: What do parallel horizontal lines look like?
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What do horizontal lines look like?

like this^

What does a pair of vertical parallel lines look like?

Like this -> Vertical would be top to bottom, which goes from 0 to 180 degrees Horizontal would be left to right, which goes from 90 to 270 degrees Lines are parallel when their angles and orientations are the same. Therefore you can also have diagonal (corner to corner) parallel lines as well.

What does a shape of a trapezoid look like?

kinda like this.... / \ / \ the lines on the top and bottom are parallel kinda like this.... / \ / \ the lines on the top and bottom are parallel

How does parallel lines look like?

Just like this: ___________________ ____________________ parallel means they never intersect (touch)

What is parallel perpendicular lines look like?

As far as we know, two lines can be perpendicular, or they can be parallel, but they can't be both.

What do skew lines look like?

Two or more lines that do not intersect and are not parallel.

How do you add 5 lines to 6 parallel lines to make a total of 9?

Meaningless question. It sounds like a riddle rather than a maths problem. For an answer, assuming it is a riddle, I'd look at the letters that spell NINE. The six parallel lines are the vertical strokes of the letters; the extra five lines are the horizontal and diagonal strokes.

How many bases does a trapezoid have?

Yes, a trapezoid has two bases. They are the parallel lines on the top and bottom. Parallel lines look like this =

What do the kinds of lines look like?

VERTICAL LINES-lines that are at right angle and or perpendicular to a plane. HORIZONTAL LINES-lines that are parallel to the horizon. ANGULAR LINES-lines that have sharp edges. They can be long or short. CURVE LINES-lines that are without angles. SLANTING OR DIAGONAL-lines that suggest action or movement. JAGGED LINES-lines that are harsh and unpleasant.

What does no slope look like on a graph?

An horizontal line . A line parallel with the x-axis. NB A vertical line / a slope parallel with the y-axis is described as 'undefined'.

What does a trapezoid look like?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two parallel sides of unequal length. It's like a triangle with the top removed and replaced by a line parallel to the bottom line.

Do parallel lines need to look the same in a graph?

they need to look parallel