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They calcute your pace per mile or per kilometer. You have to enter your reace time and distance, and the calculator will calculate your pace. It is pretty acurate.

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Q: What do race pace calculators measure?
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Who can tell me what the race pace calculator function?

The race pace calculator will calculate your running pace per mile or kilometer. There are many free race pace calculators online available. There is no need in buying an actual calculator for this purpose.

Where can I find a good pace calculator?

Go to amazon and search for a pace calculator. They have international shipping so you will be fine from anywhere around the world. Calculators allow you to measure your pace in any level of activity.

Where can one purchase a pace calculator?

A pace calculator is an application a runner can use to determine their pace after a race. One can purchase an pace calculator app at most app stores. The Running Room and other running related websites have pace calculators one can use for free.

Where can I buy a pace calculator?

Many sites have these calculators available for free, I have yet to stumble upon any actual calculators, but if going online to calculate your pace is not an issue, some sites that have these calculators includes,,, and

What does a pace car do?

it keeps the pace so the race is fair

What is a pace car?

A pace car is a car in a motor race which other cars are not allowed to pass, especially due to race conditions being unsuitable.

What is the race pace of 6.4miles in 57 minutes?

6.4 miles in 57 minutes is a pace of about 6.74mph

Can you use the word pace in a sentence?

I'll need to step up the pace a bit if I am to win this race. Pace yourself, youngster!

Running a 10k race if she completes the race in 65.4 minutes what is her average pace in miles per hour?

Her average pace is 5.7 miles per hour.

What is the 10 minute mile pace for 12k race?

A 10-minute mile pace equates to a pace of 74.56 minutes per 12k

What rhymes wih place?

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What is the car called that leads the other race cars prior to a race?

It's the pace car.

How long will it take to run a marathon at a pace of 10.43?

4:40:58.66 Check out the calculators over at

Where can I find a race pace calculator?

There are lots of sites that you can find the race pace calculator. I did purchase one before and I did that online via Maybe you should check it out too.

What are the release dates for On Pace with Pastrana - 2012 Race in Bristol 1-5?

On Pace with Pastrana - 2012 Race in Bristol 1-5 was released on: USA: 28 May 2012

What is in pace requiescate?

"Requiescate in pace" literally translates to Rest in Peace, in the film Tombstone it was reversed to in pace requiescate for reasons of poetic measure.

Which is a way to measure ground distance?

Pace Count

What are ways to measure ground distance?

Pace Count

What is your race pace if you run 6.4 miles in 57minutes?

6.74 mph

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What is the hink-pink for a running event with a rate of speed?

race pace

Where can I buy cheap pace calculators?

The cheapest marathon pace calculator will depend on the quality you want as well as where you live and whether you are willing to buy online. Runnersworld has a free calculator you can use to calculate your general pace and there are free or cheap apps for your phone.

What are some rhyming words about space?

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Is a 12 minute mile pace for an 8K race good?

no, more like a 6 min. to 5 min. mile pace