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It is how many races they've won, or placed in. Also How many races they've been in and how much money they have won.

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Q: What do racehorse statistics mean?
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What can outrun a racehorse?

If you mean a TB, then a Quarter Horse and a Cheetah are the only 2 I know of. If you mean any racehorse, then a Cheetah is the only one I know of.

What does Sx2 mean in statistics?

In statistics, this is the symbol for the "Variance"

Is racehorse one word or two?

Racehorse is one word.

What does mean mean in statistics?

Mean is the average.

Who is able to keep up with a racehorse's everymove?

A cheetah or another racehorse.

What are the importance of the mean in statistics?

the mean is important in statistics because you will find out your average and can compare that mean to other things..

Do you round the mean in statistics?


What racehorse was nicknamed The Goondiwindi gray?

Gunsynd was the racehorse known as the 'Goondiwindi grey'.

What are the statistics on water-skiing?

What do you mean by statistics? Re-Ask the question.

The mean median and mode are examples of what type of statistics?

descriptive statistics

What type of statistics are mean median and mode?

They are statistics of central tendency.

What was the richest racehorse ever?

The richest racehorse to date is Curlin with over $10,000,000 in earnings

Disadvantages of the mean in statistics?

the mean is affected by outliers

What does statistics mean in math?

Statistics is the study of collecting , organizing , and interpreting data!

How has selective breeding used to improve the racing ability of a horses?

If you were to breed a long distance thoroughbred racehorse with short distance racehorse you might get a middle distance racehorse

What is a distance racehorse called?

The term "Distance Racehorse" refers to a racehorse which has been specifically bred for the purpose of racing long distances. These horses possess plenty of stamina.

What does statistically mean?

"According to statistics."

What is differ of mean?

Probability/ Statistics

What famous Australian racehorse was nickname 'Big Red'?

Phar Lap, and was a New Zealand racehorse.

When was Jim Bolger - racehorse trainer - born?

Jim Bolger - racehorse trainer - was born in 1941.

What was the best racehorse?


What is an example of descriptive statistics?

Examples of descriptive statistics are mean, median, mode, and midrange.

What is a non resistant measure in statistics?

The mean is called a non-resistant measure in statistics.

Who is the fastest racehorse in the world?

Currently the greatest racehorse in the world is Frankel, unbeaten in 13 starts in the UK.

How heavy is a racehorse?

A racehorse is about 1000 to 1400 pounds, with the most common being 1100 to 1300 lbs.