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1/3+12/20 = 14/15

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Q: What do the fractions 1 3rd plus 12 20ths equal?
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Does 5 6th plus 1 3rd equal 1 and 1 6th?


Reduce 375 over 1000?

37.5% Less than 2/5ths More than 1/3rd...... 71/2 20ths

What are all the fractions that equal two-thirds?

There are an infinite number of fractions that equal 2/3rd's in lowest terms. I will give you the first 5 and you can go from there.2/34/68/1216/2432/4864/96

Can 2 owners force a 3rd into sale?

Possibly. It depends on what they own and in what fractions.

What does 2 3rds plus four sixths equal?

2 + 4 =24 or ONE six 18th or ONE and one 3rd 3 6 18

What does 1 3rd plus 1 half equal?

Multiplying the two numbers so that they have a common denominator, the sum 1/3 + 1/2 is the same as 2/6 + 3/6. This is equal to 5/6, or five-sixths, in its simplest terms.

How many liters are 1 3rth in fractions?

Surprisingly, the answer is 1/3rd.Surprisingly, the answer is 1/3rd.Surprisingly, the answer is 1/3rd.Surprisingly, the answer is 1/3rd.

Which level language is c plus plus?

3rd Generation or 3G

Is 1 3rd equal to 16 54?

No, it's equal to 18 over 54

What is a plus 3a-2 plus 3a simplified?

7a minus 2, if "3a-2" means 3a minus 2. 3a plus 1 and 1-3rd in parenthesis times 3a, if "3a-2" means 3a squared. a plus 3a squared plus 3a = 1-3rd times 3a plus 3a times 3a plus 1 times 3a = 3a plus 1 and 1-3rd in parenthesis times 3a

How were fractions used?

to maybe split things up or cut them in half or 1 3rd or 1 4th

What does 1 3rd equal?

3 ninths

What does 8 to the 3rd power equal?


What are six fractions equivalent to one third?

I don't really have 6 favorite fractions that equal one third. There are infinite possibilities here... pick any number as your numerator (number on top) and then multiply it by 3 and put that product as your denominator (number on the bottom) and voila 1/3rd fraction! are 6: 2/6 3/9 4/12 5/15 6/18 7/21

1 and 1 and 9th plus 2 and 1 3rd?

1 1/9 + 2 1/3 = 3 4/9 or three and four ninths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 3.4 recurring (that is, 3.4444...)

A resting object exerts pressure equal to what?

that is equal to its own weight, newton's 3rd law, action and reaction are equal and opposite

How do you solve a to the 3rd power plus b to the 3rd power divided by a plus b?

(a3 + b3)/(a + b) = (a + b)*(a2 - ab + b2)/(a + b) = (a2 - ab + b2)

What is newtons 3rd law?

Newton's 3rd law- For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action

What is fourteen sixths equal to?

2 1/3rd

What is 15 divided by 1 3rd equal?


Does 1 3rd equal 4 12ths?


What two to the third power equal?

2 to the 3rd power = 8

What is 6 to the negative 3rd power equal?


What is 8 raised to the 3rd power equal?

83 = 512

What does 9 to the 3rd power equal?