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Hidden edges

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Q: What do use a broken line for when drawing an elevation?
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How do you use a number line?

By drawing the number line and label it.

What is ruler use?

Measuring stuff or drawing a straight line.

When do you use a broken line graph?

you use a broken line graph usually for showing continuous data (data with growth over time)

Why is it important to use a sharp pencil in biological drawing?

So the drawing is a very fine line and easy to rub out?

Why do they use two arrowheads when drawing or naming a line?

Because the line goes on forever in both directions.

How do you use a broken line graph steps?

you don't

Why would you use a broken line graph?

You would use a broken bar graph, when grouping and gathering information. You would use straight, slanted, or vertical lines and showing points with dots. A broken bar graph is just like a line graph.

A line that forms an edge of a figure?

The line that forms the edge of a figure is an edge line. Which forms the figure the has been drawn. You use this line to define a drawing or a figure.

What is the technique you use when creating a blind contour drawing?

There really is no technique when drawing blind, because you can't see what you draw. The only technique is the one you've mentioned (contour line drawing, which means not including shading).

In an architectural drawing where CL is center line what is PL line?

PL is Poly Line which is a continuous line that while drawing it with pressing right click of the mouse you can choose to draw arch or line or . . . CL is Centerline and used in Working Drawing which is the final stage of a Drawing and has to be accurate and without mistakes. CL is used to show the center of the mail walls of each floor and while measuring, you will use the the Center to Center (c/c) dimansions instead of outer or inner surfaceof the walls. I hope this can help you

What does single broken line mean?

A single broken yellow line mean when safe to do so that will not interfear with other traffic, go pass the line and pass the vehicle on the left side and use that lane only for passing.

Which letters can you use to make polygons by drawing just one line?

They are L and V which will take the form of triangles